Friday, August 11, 2006

You Ingrate! (a.k.a. A Man With A Plan)

…excerpt from a conversation…

XXXXX: then i read your blog and think

XXXXX: for fucksake sound happy!

I guess I am a whiny bitch right now aren’t i? And I’m also a bit selfish coz I think at this point of time I have a lot of things I always wanted and couldn’t…didn’t… think I would ever get. I travel. I have enough to get me things I now want, not just the things I need. I have a ton of friends who keep me busy whenever I feel like. My folks, especially me mum is in great health. Im 23 and I’m going between London and New York

: o)

Okay yeah, I am a bit of an ingrate, especially to the universe and for that, my apologies.

I guess as all people tend to do, am focusing too much on the negative than the positive and well, I HATE that about myself. If I had three wishes,

1. judge how much people are really worth. I have spent far too much time on people who treated me badly or toyed with me and far too little on people I wish I had known better. Am trying to make amends for it now.

2. I wish I knew what would make me happy. I have been chasing a lot of things and when I get them, inevitably don’t feel as happy as I thought I would

3. I’d have a little more faith. In anything. In everything…from relationships, to friends, and most of all me. Sometime between being 14 and 23, I became a cynic and I wish I knew exactly why. But I think asking why is a luxury I can afford to put off until I change that…


Anonymous said...

nacho libre is the bestest movie ever!!
ok maybe not the bestest but it's pretty darn fun. hail jack black!

francisco said...

and it was all floatin