Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Regular

The smallest things can leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

So I went down to Ed’s Diner. The bouncer is the best guy there, tall black guy in a suit and a white shirt every weekend. I have met him twice pretty drunk (me, not him) and he remembers me. He reminds me of one of the guys I roomed with at Uva…anyway, he goes, “hey man, hows it going, long time”

(its always nice to be remembered)

“Not bad, a bit heartbroken, a bit happy, a bit sad, a bit-down-and-a-bit-up-and-about”

He smiles.

So I walk in and ‘La Bamba’ is playing and that always gets me doing a happy dance. So I place my order with the guy and its not his job but he is accommodating and I appreciate that.

Then I stand in a corner (“losing my religion, aww life, its bigger, its bigger than…) and I see these four friends loudly singing the next song – “Say A Little Prayer”

That was enough to make me sing with them across the room. I love music, you get this instant connection.

Anyway, I’m leaving and the guy behind the counter is like, ketchup, mustard?

“No, thanks. I got ketchup at home. Oh wait, I don’t have any mustard”

“Here, take this”, handing me a whole bottle.

I give the guy at the door the dude-one-hand-handshake and make my way out in the drizzle.

I don’t know why all that made me happy, couldn’t have been more than 5 mintues.

But I am…and I feel fine.

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