Monday, August 21, 2006

Home Leaving Me Again...First the Ex, Now the Folks...

I miss my mommy!

Well, considering I have never said that to them to their face, always in an email, feel kind of guilty. But anyway, after 5 years of leaving home or having home and everything it means, kind of disconnect at will…I seemed to have turned it off when my folks visited.

Oh dear

Anyway, I guess when I go back in December, I am more relaxed and don’t have to worry about stuff and can shed the responsible part of me. I am glad I have busy weeks ahead, will keep me out of a funk.

And of course, once I am back to NY, then no worries since I have more than enough to keep me busy. Nonetheless, I have a bad feeling my heartbreak feelings will resurface once I get back to my city and look out the window I have sat beside so many times in the past.

Oh and SB, my best friend and one of the three mucked up – she got an email saying that the embassy usually takes 5 days to process the visa…and her flight is Friday night. Man, I love that girl (oh alright, could fall in l***) but she seriously mucks up things like this…twit…and I was so looking forward to spending time with her…haven’t done that in over 6 months…plus I love shamelessly flirting with her coz it leaves her all flustered (an I think to some degree that I may fall for her again and rob her of a friend)


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