Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chuckles All Around

This made me chuckle
Courtesy: Jill Twiss (
Also, thanks to her, discovered a funny woman is a sexy woman.
Unless her sense of humor involves a sledgehammer and a watermelon.
Unless she is in a bikini.

Geography is not my strong point.

I'm not sure what my strong point IS, but we can safely rule out geography.

I think eating donuts while watching cartoons might be my strong point. But I digress...To be fair, though, I think that Europe makes it a little difficult for us (makes geography difficult, that is. Not eating donuts. We're pretty good at that.)

Like what's with that whole England/Great Britain/United Kingdom thing? Am I the only one that can't keep them straight?I am convinced that Europe does this deliberately so as to confuse us. It is part of a keenly crafted plan.

You see, if America ever gets really angry with this particular area of the world and decides to launch an attack, I think the scenario will go something like this:

TOUGH ARMY GUY (brandishing a large weapon): Hey, we're here to attack Great Britain!

THE BRITISH (in charming British accent): Oh, no no no, this is England.

TOUGH ARMY GUY: Really? Oh, sorry dude. Our mistake. Can you tell us how to get to Great Britain, then?

THE BRITISH: Oh sure. It's...uhhhhh...right below North Dakota.

TOUGH ARMY GUY: Right below North Dakota? Wouldn't that be....South Dakota?

THE BRITISH: Nope, England. Errrr...I mean, Great Britain.

TOUGH ARMY GUY: Oh. Well, I guess we came a long way for nothing. Well talley ho, then.

THE BRITISH (gleefully): Tee hee! We fooled them.

TOUGH ARMY GUY (whilst checking out a map, several hours later): Rats!! Foiled again!

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