Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So this too is from Jill Twiss’ blog.

My first exercise was to write one-hundred and one Tom Swifties.

For those of you that are unclear as to what a Tom Swiftie is (because you, unlike me, actually clean your room when your supposed to and don't eat Cheetos ever), the books defines it as "
a joke that uses a slightly different double meaning for an adverb." Here was the example they gave:

"I dove into the pool and knocked all my teeth out," he explained shallowly.

You see? You see how it works? You write something dorky and stick a pun on the end and call it funny

I get it:

"I have an STD," she said crabbily

"I love tuna fish," she said sapphically (now that’s an inside joke, albeit not so funny)

"From now on, I'll be your bra," he said supportively.

"I'm pretty sure that's not necessary," she said flatly.

"And you have great melons," chimed in the fruity pervert


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