Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Thank You Alex, $100 On Carnal Categories Please"

So I was reading this post on this blog

Okay, yes I have a real job but right now I am the last person in the office and need to be here to keep an eye on the markets moving at the end of the day…fabulous isn’t it…the things you do when you are young to get ahead in a job. Anyway, doesn’t mean I can’t keep one eye on it and do something else with the other. I’m very talented

So anyway, this woman writes like a guy. Okay correction, she feels toward sex as I do and I am a guy.

There are three classes of uh, ‘doin it’ (y’know, doing the lying down dance, the beast with two backs, shagging, boffing, at it like the energizer bunny, sex)

  1. Making love: me, I really do enjoy this but have experienced it quite infrequently. Yes, it was with the ex but it didn’t happen as often as I thought. I mean this is one case where it’s more about her. I am just dying to see her moan and writhe often with a satisfied smile (which she didn’t get and would invariably ask me what I was smiling about…not, it wasn’t at you babe, it was me enjoying the fact that you are getting off). But yeah, it’s the whole schmiel. I remember one time it had been pouring outside as torrential rain goes anyway. And we were damp, the rain seemed to creep into the car as we drove back. And I remember the grey weather, lying on the bed, just kissing like you do when all you have ever knowing is making out and nothing else…that kind, not the kind that is a prelude to sex but is it in itself (am I making sense?)

And I remember everything slowing down, a languidness without any urgency (to orgasm), just touching each other, and feeling that the most intimate feeling is touching the other persons palm and your face finding its way into the other person neck and limbs intertwined.

Also, I think this category has the best foreplay that begins when you aren’t even touching but in your head, you know its going to be electric…and both of you are aware of that

  1. Sex: its releasing pent up frustration and is great. It’s a turn on from the get go but begins in that moment that you touch. Its fun, and you are aware of the other person and just enjoy the hedonistic pleasure both of you get. Sex begins under the sheets as you are lying doing the normal (watching TV or reading a book) or perhaps sitting on the couch making out and hands wandering
  2. Fucking: now this seems to be at the other end of the bell curve as well (though not as rare as the first category). Its….possessive and all consuming. I think I have a few memorable incidents … one was on the stairs leading up to her house, prelude being driving back to her place to drop her home, going commando and wearing shorts (you just know she gave me a hand) and me reciprocating. But it was hot on the stairs and I don’t mean temperature wise – clothes still on, biting and pulling, trying to stifle the noise.

But I think the biggest rush was at a party where we both knew people, just not the same ones so we were catching up and I saw her speaking with this guy I didn’t like, me walking over and telling her in 30 seconds, in her ear, what I wanted to do to her. And I think we spent the next hour and a half at the party (she wanted to leave and I know why but it was fun waiting) and in the car getting absolutely filthy (in the verbal sense…god I LOVE my imagination, it’s the greatest erogenous zone in my body and if a woman can keep that engaged, she got me hooked and I will do everything to oblige). I remember getting back to her place, no one home, barely making up the stairs because we couldn’t untangle each other, clothes strewn about (like in the movies where the trail leads from the front door to the bedroom) and dang, it was fucking in it the true sense of the word (and im talking every which way possible everywhere possible from the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom)

Hmmm, oddly enough I have had this with one other person…and on the first date…that was, interesting but I think it lacked a bit of lustre. The first time you have sex/make love/fuck someone, its awkward enough as it is because you want to know what gets the other person off right…anyway

So im 23, im a guy, course I use my head for carnal purposes. I can see a cute girl and wonder what she looks like naked and what sex would be like with her. The two kinds of girls I can’t do that with are as follows:

  1. if they are really good friends. Like for instance, with Guppy, I cant…its gross, its as bad as incest and the thought has never entered my head.
  2. girls I could conceivably l***. I mean there have been three and I haven’t been able to do the usual ‘I wonder…’ with them. I don’t know why. I guess that may lower them to the level of other girls and there in my lie the root to my issues – putting them on a pedestal. But heck, would I want to be with someone I didn’t do that with?


Much Love

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