Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beeeg Feeesh

I really like Big Fish

How can I not? Its starts out with the faux-narrator (since the father takes up the role for most of it) saying that it’s the story about his father but it doesn’t make sense and most of it isn’t real.


And of course, the opening story talks about his father catching the big fish (beeg feesh beeg feeeeesh) with his wedding ring and how he struggles to get it back and when it pops out of the fish’s mouth, he says thank you

Anyway, since I’ve only seen the beginning, I would like to talk about the first story – Edward Bloom meets the meanest witch in all of Alabama, one that has a magic eye that shows you how you will die. And Edward Bloom is on the proverbial fence because, he argues, on the one hand its not something you want to know simply because it takes the myster out of life – you could die when you are old and slip and fall off a ladder or you could be a guy in your late twenties, sitting in a seedy bathroom stall, reading a playboy and you keel over (both his friends in the movie see their end that way respectively). But on the other hand, its comforting to know how you will die because that means you can survive the other stuff.

I don’t know…I have an imagination of how I would like to die and what the funeral arrangements will be (would love to have my friends having a drink listening to “Knocking on Heavens Door”…

Mama put my guns in the ground
I can't shoot them anymore
That cold black cloud is comin' down
Feels like I'm knockin' on heaven's door

God Bob Dylan is a poet…)

Anyway, I have a big imagination of the house I’d like to live in and unfortunately of the person I’d like to live in it with…and the fact that isn’t my ex….helps….i guess I can find some comfort in that! Now whether the nameless but, for the lack of a better word, ‘faced’ person actually comes together with me is something to be seen.

What would you rather know – how and when you will die or who will be the one by your side when its time?

I side-track. Back to the movie (after a brief word from our sponsors…)

Most of the stories Edward Bloom tells aren’t real. But he almost believes in them and while the characters are ture at the heart of things, he does…add to it. I don’t want to think about why because I have a feeling it may depress me but …it feels right.

Anyway, another reason I love the movie is the way its made…its like E! The Truth Behind the Fairytales except they aren’t sordid stories of Rapunzel being an alcoholic or the Tin Soldier being addicted to cocaine or whatever his oil is. Instead, the boy does meet the witch and she is nice, the giant doesn’t want to eat him and sometimes they don’t end happily ever after. Isn’t that life?

And another thing, things don’t turn out the way you expect…not a single time. Heck, each time I have tried in the middle of the year (why the middle? Because I don’t keep New Years resolutions and the middle of the year is the opposite I figure) I decide to keep my life simple but things always fuck up, I always get hit by a bolt out of the blue and I’m swept off my feet…am hoping for once it will be in a good way.


Moving on, I love my friends nic coz its how I feel – who’s looking for a nympho with a monogamy problem?

Honestly, I’ve done the whole one night stand thing and a few women friend’s have subconsciously encouraged that by saying stuff like, oh she’s cute, go talk to her and that has, once in a while, led to something meaningless….but I guess I’m the kind of guy happier in a relationship rather than indulging in nympho behavior…is that me or is that normal?

Meh…so many questions, not too many answers…and I don’t know if it’s a good thing since my ex said she didn’t like the fact that I would look outward for the answers instead of looking inward (wtf?! If I had the fucking answers, I wouldn’t asking the freaking questions now would i?! yeesh)


(_____) says:

WHAT can i possibly do to get hm to want me as much as i want him coz i do want him and no one else

(_____) says:

no matter how often oprah incants that u deserve someone who wnats you and you alone

(_____) says:


(_____) says:

but what the fuck

(_____) says:

that's not good enough

(_____) says:

my best is not good enough for someone

Heck, at least you had a shot…it kinda sucks more when you feel you are right for a person but you don’t get the chance (or aren’t given the chance) to actually explore that and see if its true…well, I can think of two opportunities…one was recent and one wasn’t…and perhaps I will give one of those two another shot…that is, when I grow a pair of cojones…


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