Friday, August 25, 2006

Bring it on Baby....Head On

I’m watching ‘Head On’

And I love this movie. I don’t normally watch random movies. There’s a lot of shit out there. This isn’t it. And I’ve watched 45 minutes of it by now and even if the rest is shit, these 45 make up for it.

It’s so brilliantly broken, the character I mean. And I love it. The guy tried to kill himself by getting drunk and ramming his car into a wall. He lost his wife; I don’t know how. But he tries to kill himself. He meets Sibel in the hospital which is kind of like an asylum. She has been treated for slashing her wrists. She asks him to marry her and he asks her to fuck off

She finds him again. She wants to marry him because her brother broke her nose for holding hands with another guy. She is in her early twenties, perhaps nineteen. She wants to marry him so that she can live and fuck, as she puts it, she wants a farce, a husband her folks can accept but one who gives her the freedom to fuck and be whatever she wants.

They get married

So far in the movie, she asks him his dead wife’s name on their wedding night, he throws her out and she fucks the bar tender. There’s one frame I couldn’t tear my eyes off of – her walking down the street in the morning in her wedding dress, the walk of shame juxtaposed with the wedding dress.

Now things are breaking (how you may ask given everything is so fucked up). They go out dancing, he is older than her but in a rock star kind of way is still cool. He stands watching her dance and this guy flirts with her. About 15 seconds later, she tells him she is going for a fuck.

We see him in the apartment, unable to sleep on the same bed he fucked another woman on his ‘wedding night’. He is thinking about his new bride. I guess it’s a violation of his ‘possession’ and pride that is keeping him up; he can’t be falling in love with her can he?

I love this movie…if things are broke, they can still be broken into smaller pieces!

Anyway, the sex scene reminded me of takes me a few seconds to remember her last name…it was two one-night stands with her. The sex was very very different. Okay it was my first casual fuck (emphasis on fuck, not casual since I was in a casual relationship once and I have had sex ‘casually’). Now I’m not saying she was a slut, in fact she was a very nice girl who later confessed that she fell for me a bit. We both got along very well and she was in town for a week, visiting from LA. But that was one the only real time I was dominated. Usually I like having latent power – as in taking control in brief bursts, always directing, always being the one taking control. Anyway, with MK, it was very interesting. And I never figured her for the dominant one. But yes, I saw this rather violent sex scene in the movie and remembered her, remembered her biting and splitting my lip till I tasted blood and heard her delight, I remember her biting my chest drawing blood again (which I have to say is more sensitive than I believed).

Anyway…first time my body felt sore in the morning.

It was fun…perhaps I would like to try that again, it was too brief and too isolated for me to say I like it.

Oh and here the groom is at it again with the violent fuck…

Hahahaha, the two are playing backgammon in the nude. I hope I end up with a girl who is like that i.e. comfortable enough to walk around naked. Its…no, not sexual (to a small, yes small, degree it is…but I think what’s turning on is seeing her so comfortable in her skin)

Post post: oh no...even the fucked up can get fucked up...the guy and his 'wife' are getting busy and she stops him,
"I can't...I can't...if we do this I become your wife and you become my husband"
He goes out gets drunk, smashes a glass on the bar with his hand laughing, "I'm in love"

This isn't a man who lies on the tracks knowing the train is bearing down on him, it's one who is charging to meet it....head on

Post post-post: oh dear oh dear oh dear. The 'bride' is working part time at a hair salon. Cahit, the 'grooms' violent fuck is there and Sebil is washing her hair. The fuck tells Sebil that she and Cahit sleep together sometimes. Sebil snaps her head back by her hair. Oh dear

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Anonymous said...

the movie actually sound quite twisted, maybe something i'd enjoy watching. in the meantime why don't you give a shot to 'suicide club'. japanese film, apparently the director's previous work was all gay porn and then came this. i say gimme the porn anyday!