Thursday, August 03, 2006

Soundtrack of a Drizzly Morning

KT Tunstall -- Suddenly I See
From Sex & the City -- MC Solaar's La Belle et le Bad Boy
INXS -- Mystify
The Calling -- Wherever You Go
Lily Allen – Smile
Rolling Stones -- Start Me Up

Okay, i didnt come up with the was on Virigin Radio

On a side note, I’m going to see Iron Maiden with my best friend on Friday the 13th in October. Now I know I have grown up out of Iron Maiden (Metallica, Judas Priest) but that was one band where we had to buy replacement cassettes since we wore out the old ones playing them over and over…screaming inside the car stuck in traffic not giving a damn who saw us. Oh man, the fascination with the guitar riffs, the meanings behind epic song songs like “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” and “Aces High” (where you can hear the British Bulldog speak…and no you philistines, I mean Churchill)

Anyway, I’m very very excited, more so since I bought him his ticket as a long overdue birthday present. In any event, he got a bit carried away and is now looking for a Maiden T-shirt and contemplating a piercing…meh, I know I will stand at the concert like an ass with this stupid grin on my face getting carried away but the riffs…dang…

And what’s more, this is a band we picked up randomly – we were at a corner shop near his house in GK-II and saw the “Best of the Beast” album and loved the art work (the one with all the Eddies) and just had to get it….that was my first metal / rock band, a step away from bubblegum pop and those boy-bands…and we used to imagine what their concerts would be like, we had seen pictures and 30second scratchy video clips…Meh…come a long way from wearing black metal t shirts and wandering around in the heat of the summer in Palika Bazaar and Planet M…and have done so much along the way….

Its just funny to consider something simple as a metal/rock band as a point of reference in time and see between then and now, how much things have changed and everything that has happened

I wax excessive

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