Thursday, August 24, 2006

(Too Tired To Work)

I caught up with TB today. Writing that last post made me want to speak with her. And I genuinely like her. I think she is one of the few tough as nails girl I know. But then again, I’ve also seen her really upset a few times and I think we have had one or two conversation at that point in my life when I was figuring out what I wanted and what I was capable of. So the memories co-mingle and are thus etched.

Anyway, it was nice to speak to her, she works in the media and I have no idea what that’s like. Okay I have one friend who works in movies but it isn’t the same. And as schadenfreude as it was of me, was good to know that even she finds work boring at times, there is a lot more to it than what people see and its highly competitive.

Which is why when one friend/acquaintance of mine in NY made me feel guilty (albeit for 5 seconds) for having a cute amount in the bank, I lost it. I think that was one time I was angry this year. I know I can work way harder than I do now. I don’t because I don’t have to. I’m no space cadet and wont apologize for not being one. But nonetheless, I will never ever let anyone make me feel guilty for shaping my career the way that I have.

[looking back, the incident was very petty. I was dying for steak and wanted to take everyone since I just got my bonus that week. Now steaks are no cheap shit…and he had to something to the effect, “oh just because you can take everyone out for a steak dinner doesn’t make you a big shot”…meh? Oh, did I mention he is a vegan? Fucker]

But yeah, that mop scene makes me chuckle even now!

Oh and it was nice flirting with the temp today (albeit via email). She studies atelier art in Florence. Today was her last day and in a few weeks, she is going back to Florence. Hitting on her or not, am actually hoping to do coffee with her sometime, and for once, not to boink her but talk about stuff – art, Italy, art

Meh…is this the decline of my sex drive?

Hmmm, let me think (close eyes and think)

No, its not


Oh good…just making sure I remain a horny fucker (mind the pun) until 6 months post-death

Okay kiddies, off from work we go to the gym we go

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