Monday, October 30, 2006

Little Blue Pill For The Big Bad Universe? No?

General feeling of impotence taken over.

Now, if I get even one comment that seems like a 16 year old wrote it and went teehee over my use of the word impotence, I will tell them to fugg off and I will not post the comment.

The impotence I am talking about isn’t treatable with a little blue pill.

There are several reasons for this and I shall proceed to enumerate herewith:

  1. being sick when out of Delhi. This is unavoidable. Also, its not that if I were in Delhi I wish I were sick. I have had one miserable experience with the flu and that was last year. No, the point where I was shivering under piles of blankets, I was home alone with no food. I had to drag my pounding head to the grocery store, stock up, walk home and did collapse, but thankfully at home. And it was scary as hell because no friends could make it during the work day, I couldn’t get to a doctor and I I couldn’t sit up because I would get a throbbing headache and throw up. My dad’s a doctor. I’ve never had to worry about being sick because if I am, I rely on my Dad (my mum actually who seems to take charge but if its really serious, seems a bit ineffectual and my dad takes over).

Anyway, am sick. And it sucks. Not that I claim anyone likes being sick but I wanna be home with the dogses, under my own quilt with a fridge full of food and home.

  1. last night I read about the Mattoo and the Jessica Lall case. And I haven’t really followed them but here’s the thing, in keeping with my linear thinking and sense of fair play, the thought process is as such: bad man kill woman over booze, man mucho stupido, man must be punished.
    meh? Isn’t it that simple? No come on, look, just look! Lets break it down further and try dialectic:

Me: laws exist to keep people safe yes?
Them: yes
Me: to live in society you must follow laws
Them: yes (unless those laws impinge on your sense of freedom but my argument is if everyone holds the right to freedom as the highest good, then nothing enacted should intrinsically impinge on it but that’s another whole argument or another thread would be that the correct definition of law should be to uphold everyone’s right to freedom until it impinges on someone elses right but theres the argument of how much freedom is too much freedom and I am way too fuzzy headed to argue it through)
Me: if you break laws, you get punished
Them: yes


  1. certain other happenings which is nobody’s beeswax ‘cept mine but will write about it eventually once I know what the hells bells is going on…and won’t mention it because I don’t know what’s going on but once I am sure will put it down on ’paper’ for better or for worse


hedonistic hobo said...

keep reading. mattoo's killer, santosh singh, ironically now a lawyer and a fath. also himself a son of a the death sentence by the delhi high court. they will go to the supreme court i hope the death sentence is overturned but this was a premeditated crime. he'd been making advances on her, much to her chagrin, for 2 years and then finally raped and killed her. even the sessions judge who'd let him off clearly acknowledged in the judgment that he knew santosh was guilty but could not book him for want of evidence.

the guilty should get punished but the law doesn't exist in a vaccum, nor does it emanate from one. the law is but on institution that fits into a matrix of institutions. this case, like the lall one, has also been badly affected by cop complicity. societal complicity.

eM said...

everyone's blogs are shrouded with such mystery these days.

why blog at all, i ask, sourly, deprived of my gossip.

Zaphod said...

...said the girl with the floppy antennae