Thursday, October 26, 2006

A True Rant!!!

Goddamnit! I swear I am ranting ‘coz im sick. But I’m looking at this company that just doesn’t make sense to me, there are four different consulting firms, each with their own point of view and I don’t understand anything and I feel light headed and like shit and I have never felt this stupid in my life, no seriously, I feel like a fucking retard, I just don’t understand this stuff and there’s no one I can ask, my boss has been busy all day and I just don’t know what to do.

I need a holiday. Seriously. I want to go back to India for just a short while and forget work and this whole horrible feeling.

Fucking ticket cost me $1800.

(Sigh) can’t complain too much though, at least a few things are going by way an never mind your beeswax what…no go on, git!

Sorry, am just…I wanna go home, crawl under my duvet, wake up on the 9th of December when its time for me to go back to NYC.

I feel like crap at every level of the meaning of feeling like crap


basho said...

hey man, i feel your pain. the other day i had a day exactly like yours. it was 2 pm in the afternoon. i walked out of my building, past the shiny coats, and while buying myself a burrito, i added a margarita. in a clear plastic cup with a straw. back in my office, i sipped at it without a care in the world .. :0

Zaphod said...

hahahah, thats fucking hilarious...where do you work