Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ticket To Anywhere Please

I need a holiday. I haven’t had a decent one since December last year. Everyone seems to take a week in the summer and another around Christmas. Me, had to go and live half the world around and take two weeks together. Buts it reaching the point its hard to get out of bed (weather doesn’t help) and just finding it hard to motivate myself to learn something new. I mean I look forward to it but I’m petering out of steam. It’s just, I’m tired! And every week it’s the same story and okay, beginning of the year, I don’t care how hard I work, toward the end, partying every weekend isn’t enough. I need to wake up and not have anything to do. My batteries need a recharge.

I am looking forward to India now. Delhi is nice and all and have a few new people to meet (eM, am holding you to your word and will even accept bribe and write to you) and hahahaah, there’s the high school reunion i.e. redemption. Okay I was a geek in school and you had the usual cliques including the big swinging dicks. Well, one of them now is a bouncer at a club (here’s 50 bucks man, park my car…thanks…not that I would ever ever say that to anyone ever but have to to him, the schmuck) or the stud who is still tall but fat and bald….or the others who run daddy’s business. I can’t wait to find those idiots and see how they turned out. Oh fine, sue me I’m a vindictive cunt, now piss off.

And there’s Bombay where Tough Cookie, 11ses are. I can’t wait to see either of them since its been years and they are both delightful girls. Cookie is a news reader and research person. Bobo and I were remembering her last night with Bawa sitting there (wondering what on earth we were talking about and why was he not involved).

She is one head strong woman, one of the few and I love that about her. I miss 11ses Punjabi accent and when she gets excited she gets all flustered and lets loose this long string of Punjabi, Hindi and English or when she sulks she gets this big scowl and refuses to talk. That’s how racoon get crabs by the way ( NOT the disease you PERVS) – they keep tapping it with their paws till the crab sulks and refuses to come out of its shell. The raccoon then snaps it in half, yeah I’m a big Gerald Durrell fan thought haven’t re read anything since I was 17. She’s a fun cookie, we always talk about movies and books and the opposite sex. Plus she has this way of saying ‘leh’ that just cracks me up. And then she sulks, Tough Cookie goes after her saying ‘arrey! Itnee aukhar kyon ho rahee hai! Senti mat ho yaar!@ in this way that makes you feel ashamed for sulking no matter what happened. Those two crack me up all the more when they are together.

I spoke with 11ses a bit back and inquired about Cooki and 11ses says they are a married couple and there are times Cookie is out of the house before she (1ses) is up and comes home too tired to eat. Its true, they do sound domesticated!

And who else is in Bombay, there’s ShortBud who dated/s Guppy and was so psyched when he heard I was making it to Bombay and absolutely insistent I crash at his place.

And of course, Goa where I haven’t been since I was 14 and saw my first real live booby (some firang who decided to go topless…then I gawked, now I would just point and laugh because parading your boobies in India aint smart!).

I wanna goooo hooome!


jerry said...

tell me about it man...we get one pathetic off on diwali and holi...the casual and the normal leave I'm entitled get swalloed by my exam-leave...i have reasons to feel miserable!

eM said...

oh, we're talking to me now are we after so rudely chasing me off the last post? hmph.

btw, i never asked, you went to the same school as me and hobo?

Zaphod said...

Hardly chasing you off...besides, I dont chase girls!...well, I guess that's open to debate but whatever!
And yeah I went to the same school at you and Bobo, thought you knew that since you outed me!

eM said...

outed you? why whatever do you mean? :) and no dude, that school was so huuuuuuuge, i didn't know a soul. i mean, i barely knew hobo, and even her i knew enough to nod acquaintance to since we both went for this one party once, my first in that school. you should get her to tell you that story, that and the conti party story. :) good shit.

Zaphod said...

yeah you know what I gonna get you for that...and yeah the school was huge so came as a bit of a surprise when Bobo said you went there as well..and will ask about the Conti party, that was one crazy night...from what I can recall...oh dear

hedonistic hobo said...

not just cookie but me too. i call her my butterfly because of an incident at one of the aiesec conferences.
and the word my love is aukhee.
inni aukhee mat ho yaar! :)

eM: if i had any recollection of the conti party i'd share but i certainly don't remember you there.