Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Duuuuuuuuuuude" want two women in your bed, you take them!"

Duuuuuuuuude……duuuuuude, what the fuck happened

Yeah, it was a night and then some

Feather (I miss ya babe! GIVE’R!) left for Canada today so had to show her a good time right so I get home at 8:30, 9pm Bobo, Hook, Feather, Abe, Waffle, Cypriot and I head out…oh wait and Hook’s friend

We go to the Royal George and get the table outside and it begins…me, I’ve barely slept and am cranky and hungry and a few beers (I wont say how many, I need some self-respect here kids) and I am good to go.

Have to admit, Hook is fun. I mean we can tease each other mercilessly and well, you’ll see.

So anyway, 11pm rolls up and George closes so Hook’s friend takes us to same basement bar which is completely non-descript and right across my house, I have no idea how he knows these places but its open until 4am I think. I think Hook and I proceed to get steadily but increasingly drunk. We talk about Delhi cliches, growing up, what life is like, booze, sex, Skype marketing (turns out we have the same name in mind for the time we are growed up and have them bay-beees and if it’s a girl…odd but what the hey). Now, she and I are happy in our corner, just talking and an hour or so later we see:

  1. Bobo assaulting Vodka (not the drink, she was tight already) but a boy (and getting her mack on, yeah baby!)
  2. Groupie with her legs about Waffle making out
  3. Hook’s friend (guy) and Hook’s friend (girl) hooking up but everyone thought he was gay
  4. Me happy in one corner to talk with Hook
  5. Feather leaning against the pillar and may as well make out it with
  6. Abe MIA

Oh, also realized Isabebe is cute…so remember me ranting at the universe, I take it back

(embarrassed grin)

Right now am curious about Isabebe, Hook and well, one other person and out of them I really enjoy speaking with Hook and (one other person)…oh deeear!

So anyway, Hook and I end up at my place and spend an hour over wine, all alone speaking about cynicism, love, life, circumstances and geography (oh why on earth is that such a huge factor…it aint fair! So many interesting women and they aren’t in NY!...ugh)

Anyway, 3am and its beddy bye time and Hook’s in bed with me…4am Bobo sticks her head in, ‘dude, one of us is going to slide in with you, pick, me, Feather or Abe’

So now I have Bobo and Hook on either side and I’m trying to fight off Bobo to get space who is smashed and is sprawled out on half the bed, im trying to avoid squishing Hook because she’s tiny…dude…What. The. Fuck

5am Feather sticks her head in and goes, ‘guys, Abe is acting pervy with me’, I look up and yell at him ‘keep the mouse in the house dude else im gonna kick your ass!’. Hook gets hungry, we go to the kitchen to see pink shirt Abe prancing about, she gets rajma and cereal while im yelling at abe who doesn’t care.

Back to bed, I turn over, so does Bobo, with an outstretched arm and thwack! right in the kisser….you want two women in your bed, you take them!

One is assaulting me and one is tempting me like….yeah well

So again, I was complaining, you know what (looking up) I’M SORRY! So of all the new delightful women I have come across in the past month, am flirting shamelessly (is there any other way?) and can think of two I really like talking to

Which, for the time being, is fine

I get in to work, my boss is like, ‘dude, you missed out on a long night, it was brutal waking up’
The head guy tells me about shots he did

I didn’t have the heart to tell them I went out, got drunk, ended up in bed with two women and have slept two hours

All I can say about my life, which I think I may just love is

What. The. Fuck

Oh and I am SO VERY GLAD that it hasn't let me turn out like this guy...


eM said...

now see the bedtime companion bit she did NOT tell me. C'mon Moby, time for your side of the story *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* Although i HAVE slept with a guy and just slept and not even flirted and it was very fun and warm, so you shouldn't complain TOO loudly.

Zaphod said...

meh, you want Bobo, you take Bobo...I'm thill thore thee thwacked me on the kitther (im still sore she thwacked me on the kisser)
the other way stays

eM said...

you totally got 'meh' from me didn't you? :) but no, i'm sure Beloved Moby is EXCELLENT bedtime companion. Us alumni of college that shall remain secret have to stick together. And what other way?

Zaphod said...

eff off babe, meh is utterly and completely mine

oh, typo, forgive me oh great wordstapo, i meant the other *one* can stay

Zaphod said...

eff off babe, meh is utterly and completely mine

oh, typo, forgive me oh great wordstapo, i meant the other *one* can stay

eM said...

RUBBISH. *i* invented meh, me and me alone. before you were even BORN. So there. Hmph. Meh-ursurper.

(Am very bored, Gurgaon traffic is TERRIBLE)

Zaphod said...

Go dunk your head woman, stop stealing stuff and vociferously passing it on as yours....the gall!

eM said...

if you took a random internet poll (and DO, they're great fun!) and asked people who they associated meh with--toi et moi, i can bet you ANYTHING i would win. any-bloody-thing, drinks at TC on the loser. (Oh wait, you're studly banker type in LONDON and I'm blogger type in delhi, so yeah, you're still buying the drinks.) But still, for principles sake? You should do the poll.

Oooh, look at how many comments you have now :)

Zaphod said...

eM, go do something useful

eM said...

but i'm so booooooooooooooored! and this would not happen if you weren't so bloody secretive and had some IM type ID on your profile. FINE. I'll just go give someone ELSE my time and my comments, someone who actually WANTS them and goodbye forever!

Zaphod said...

mwah! and dont let the door hit your behind on the way out

(just kidding, im allowed, tis my blog)

Zaphod said...
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hedonistic hobo said...

my version of the night cannot be put up because there is only so much i remember.
and i've been in bed with zaphod before. and with abe as well. and with god knows how many other men without making any move on them. trust me i am well behaved.
but yeah i sill can't get over how wild an evening we had and that too on a tuesday! hahahaha.........
the universe is not screwing us over at all zahpy-pappy-poo

basho said...

Another thought: I feel like our lives our mirrored - me finishing graduate school in London and moving to New York, and you the other way around.

The two cities, filtered by us, so different, yet the same.

Zaphod said...

Basho said:
dude, i just moved to new york. it sounds great!

Sorry but something was wrong with Blogger...and yeah, it is great! we should meet up when I move back...and hahahaha, yeah, i see the mirror image, woudl love to get your take on NY

Zaphod said...

Basho! Give us first impressions of NY...i remember mine really well