Monday, October 09, 2006

More Organized Musings?

(I figure instead of commenting in reply to FiveFeetZero, I would just create a new post...hey, back off, my blog, my rules...humph)

okay, so here goes:

1) Yes, i know I tend to smush up thoughts and I don’t intentionally try and write (I know, I am being hoity toity when I say this) stream of consciousness but well, that's how I tend to think...heck, atleast I try and have it into different subsections

2) hmm, yes, the wanting never stops but on the other hand, as shallow as it may be, it keeps me aiming for the next, I don’t mean the next purchase. Right now, I want to be the best at what I do...when I get married, I want to try and make it perfect (unrealizable I know, but I can try), when I have a kid ( a girl), the best father I can...I want to die trying to be the best...or at least that is what I think at the moment anyways!

3) You aint the only bipolar one...I can be very sociable one moment, have a random thought that gets me gruff as all hell the next

4) I agree Delhi is very crass and bling (I hate that term so its perfect in use here)...and in M Block market (the 'trendy' market 5 years ago, now overshadowed by malls) you would see all these guys driving cars (even Maruti 800's) with the music pumping and bumper to bumper traffic while there was a perfectly good parking lot next to it...seriously, one day I want to step out and take a tire iron and reshape someone’s car if they piss me off...but the most humiliating thing has been when one valet at the um, Mariott seemed overtly reluctant to park the Santro I pulled up in...I raised high hell that night! And this was just last year…whatever happened to understated elegance…will I never see that in Delhi? Will it always be faux jocks with heads thicker than their neck, cat calling to anything in a skirt, blaring music, Maruti 800’s with Merc hood ornaments (yeah! ) and car’s with neons under them (basically tube lights…no, I am serious) and FAKE sun roofs!! (how you ask? Well, from the outside, it looks like a sunroof…in reality, its just a bit of metal and there really isn’t a hole in the roof of the car…what. The. Fuck?)

5)Iron Maiden concert. When you are in the 7th grade, 8th grade still listening to Backstreet Boys, one band comes along that introduces you to real music, good music. For the Best Bud and me, it was Iron Maiden…he owed me a birthday present and we went down to the corner shop and picked up Best of the Beast because we loved the cover. We heard that tape so much that we had to buy a new one because the old one was worn out. We would sit at each others place, listening to the band wondering what their concerts would be like, never ever believing we would ever get to see it. Well, here’s to getting things you never thought possible, even if it is something small like this…plus he and I have been drifting apart or well, I have been. Its just that this was the first year he has lived abroad and well, after 5 years of being away from home, I realized he needed to grow up and he just didn’t fit in with my friends in NY (no, nothing wrong with him, just he needed to grow up). But he is still my Best Bud who ha been around for lot, including me confession I was nuts about AB (the Steps of Malviya Nagar market).

It was funny, Me: I like this girl
Him: Who, AB?
Me: how the fuck did you know?!
Him: I didn’t, not until you just told me
Me: ugh!
Him: Don’t worry, everyone knows


And then there was his 18th birthday which spilled out on to the street to one point where this young family pulled over, the guy got out, chatted with us (mind you, there was 10 of us sitting on the road and the party had become a free for all) and had a swig of beer…anyway, this is a birthday present to him for missing out on birthday presents for the past 4 years and he is so psyched as am i!

6) ooo, please make me a list of places in London and Bombay (am in Bombay end of the year and then to goa for New Yeaars!)…will make you a list for NY if you ever visit!


fivefeetzero said...

yay! imagine that - a whole post in my honour ;)
- the wanting: i think with time we realise that 'the best' is just not going to happen. and then we start living for what makes us happy in the moment. wow, that sounds pessimistic, no?
- mercedes hood ornaments on 800s and fake sun roofs. hahahahahaha. ha. ha. hahahahah. hahaha. wheeze. gasp for breath. ha. hahaha.
i think i need to visit delhi for no other reason but this one.
- totally know waht you mean about drifting apart because your friends haven't grown up. funny though - for me it was when i was visiting my school friend in nyc this september. she went to high school in the US, then to vassar, and then to columbia for her master's and it was as if spending her formative years shielded in small, liberal communities in the states had made her believe that that's all life is about - pointless political protests and pretty cafes. she's never held a job, her parents have always paid for her, and it's like she's never lived in the real world. don't get me wrong - i'm as political as they come, but deep inside i realise that all my liberal political posturing changes precious little. anyway, i'm ranting now..
- was visiting nyc only three weeks ago..wish i'd met this blog before :)

Zaphod said...

hahaha, glad it took something as simple as that to get someone a bit kicked!

* no, the best will happen. What changes however, is the definition of what is best. Either I am very zen or I am worried that 'the best' changes and is just a figure it out...and then let me know as well!

* woman, you don't know the half of it. The women with armpit bags and scarves covering the naughty bits...don't get me wrong, I like skin but there is a fine line between street chic and street walker

* gaaah! the liberal arts girl...shoot me now, she thinks she knows better because she went to one of the & Sisters, and what's worse, she continues to maintain it and marries a guy and lives on Park least I hope thats how it turns out for her...else, the world tends to give a short but sharp dose of reality

* well, pity you missed this blog, next time in Delhi or NY, do prompt me...but this blog is glad to make your acquaintance