Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blues Are Back In Town

I'm hungry
I'm the only one in the office and have another hour to go
French guys goes, ah you are the last one in the office?
Me: am usually the last one, its just normal
FG: oh because you work NY time?
Me: No, because its normal

I cant get this excel sheet done to analyze the correlation between Fed pausing rate hikes and global equity markets
I'm haunted by the Ex and the realization I didnt want to marry her and how illogical my heart is

I wanna go back to Delhi. I miss home. Fine, the Ex isn't there but right now babe, I got a case of the blues oh so bad

Come on over, won't you?

PS: 'babe' and the last lines aren't to the Ex, just the world at large


Anonymous said...

Landed on your blog via the compulsive confessor and caught sight of zaphod!! there aint no ignoring that name!!! Curious about life in nyc vis-a-vis delhi.
But here to say that the 65 things list got me thinking - effective exercise is sieving one's thoughts...and a fun window in one's own head..which we so often overlook!!
Very tempted to jump into blogosphere!

Zaphod said...

Well muchos gracias mon ami...yeah, like the wandering mongrel that I am a least this year, will wax tongues
But yeah, will def write on NY vs. Delhi...and whatever your reasons may be for wanting to jump in from boredom to a broken heart, do it!

hedonistic hobo said...

dudee we have our weekends. we have many many many friends here and we have enough alcohol and weed to erase all memory. as long as we remember we hurt. not to mention it's fun forgetting this way.

jerry said...

Nice. Its becomin a lot better, finally. The evenings are more plesant. I'm totally a winter-person, well not like freezing but just chilled. New York Vs Delhi, sounds cool...!

eM said...

Both of you should just come hooooooooooooome. Here. Weather is also fabulous these days. Oh, and I have almost ZERO friends left in this city, she said, not at all selfishly. :)

eM said...

and dude you're so vain. :P

but, okay, FINE, will pander to ego, here is what your rollover on my link list says: Excellent insights into men and women, ex-girlfriend references and proof that MEN can FEEL. Who woulda thunk?



simmi said...

u wrote 'come on over'

any time...maybe we could concoct a hangover remedy.

Tomato in any form seems to inject an instant boost...therefor the need for bloody mary's upon awakening after a night of utter mayhem and destruction.

I believe it is the iron.

though it's only a minute part of what will oneday be the miracle cure.

...on love, longing and home
i totally relate, but Im sick, exhausted and too bloody emo to delve into that part of my brain...or is it heart

both are dysfunctional at present...seem to be a direct link to the tear duct....and all that salt isnt good for my skin (smile)


Zaphod said...

we can make a hangover cure willy wonka style with an old boot thrown in for the extra kick!
and you are welcome anytime, pick the city and I will poick the poison, New Delhi, New York, London or any other place far and in between...
And yeah, I have quit, the whole emotional ragging thing, realized it wasn't fun and I dont like it so I quit...