Saturday, October 21, 2006

Divali Blues...or Not!

Oh dear

I'm blue (you can just hear the song, can't you?...who was it by? Eiffel something?)
Last night was so la la as the Germans would put it. Went boozing and blazing to Abester and Isabebe's place. Can't say I had a blast but it was be partying to avoid the funk of missing home.
You can try and cover it up but once in a while, it just doesn't go away.

Its Saturday morning and I'm in bed, have a great apartment, a spanking new laptop, nice TV, good food but nothing covers up me missing home. I call up the folks and see them on the webcam, the dogs in the background and I want to be there.

I call up 11ses and as always we talk about movies and ooooo, no , oooooo, Virgin comics is doing a bunch of Indianthemed comics like Ramayan and Devi and Snake Woman and the Sadhu and please, before you judge, go check them out at They are beautifully rendered. Bobo and I devoured X Men but only the Virgin Comics version because they aren't comics, they really are graphic novels and I love the detail in each plate. But it's neat to see the weirdiest ways in which India has shown it self. Yes, the brain-drain started in the 80's and continues but ramped up recently. Now you have Mittal and Tata making waves what with the acquisition of corus. You have Hollowood coming down to India (I know, not new but still) and now in graphic novels. That, I must confess hadn't seen coming but nonetheless, it is really neat.

I spoke with Tough Cookie and she has a NY relationship. Since she works on weekends, she barely sees her boy. But it was great catching up with her.

Spoke with the Ex whose new beau is in the US and I commented on her and long distance relationships but turns out he is back in a month.

And what else, may decide to go to a temple today because I haven't been since I was 16 and I don't know, I seem to be forgetting what it was like to go to one. i remember as an 8 year old, I was staying with my grandparents in Jaipur (this is the point where I didn't see my folks for 2 years) and there was um, the Birla temple walking distance from home and my grandmother used to take me there and I loved sliding on the marble, especially rock-star style, you know, when you run and come sliding down on your knees playing the air-guitar and I remember the other kids looking at me weird and I tried explaining the concept to them. Didn't work too well because they were sliding but they kept trying to figure out why I had my hands (playing the air guitar). Oh dear, lost in translation to say the least

ANyway, my floor in the house in Delhi is getting ready and I can't wait, talk about a bachelor pad...large screen TVm, steam room in the bathroom, my Dad really outdid himself and I have no idea why is building something so fancy. Anyway, can't wait though it will be weird not staying the same room I spent the most angst ridden and the happiest years. Well, we will see, always hard letting go of an old room

Bawa seems eager to have me hang out with him, guess the hometime blues are striking everyone. Look, each time my mum hears me talk about London/NY she says, 'lucky you'. Ma, it ain't all its cracked up to be.

Aw shucks, I sound more morose than I am and let me warn anyone reading this, this is the place I rant and whine and bitch and cry. I amn't like that in real so please, let's not confused

break for a phone call

Right, I feel a lot happier now, I had a conversation about remake of the Don. It was the first Hindi movie I ever saw. it was in Panchshila Park at my uncles place and it was the first time i had been allowed to stay up 'all night' as I put it. My cousin brought Don, another movie and a big bottle of Thumbs Up (remember that?!) and Binnie's chips...and I was fascinated! We also saw another Hindi movie which was supposed to be a horror flick and I threw a fit (I was 7 or 8 and my mother had put me through enough viewings of the Exorcist so it's understandable) but my cousin insisted I would find it funny. And he was right.
We spoke about Taqdeerwala which is brilliant when you are blazed. And on everything I talk about with someone I have known forever and then some.
Felt like home...

Now I'm happy

See, doesn't take much to give this slob a smile.

PS: happy Divali to y'all!!


scout said...

eiffel 65. god i'm lk your new wikipedia. and some link love para tigo.

basho said...

happy diwali dude.

Zaphod said...

Scout: thank you, yeah you are my wiki for the random stuff like PostIts and oldies...who sang 'Freed From Desire'?
And forgive me for no linkage love, was an oversight by this worthless man

Basho: thanks man, look forward to meeting up in NY sometime

basho said...

yea, that would be nice. i'm still getting used to this crazy city. drop me a line next time you're here..