Friday, October 06, 2006

I love this song.

More than Billy Joel, its this song that puts me in the Steppenwolf mood, you know?

No? well, I think I have a soundtrack to my life which continually changes. But depending on the time of day and weather I listen to certain songs…it kind of makes me feel what’s on the inside is on the outside and for better or worse, everything meets everything else…and of course, it makes me feel like the world was made for me : o)

Hey, my head, my thought, I will think whatever I want yes?

But as much as I love words and everything they mean, I also like pictures and the moving kind as well, hence this sudden decision to throw in the two…and I love this song. Its …its every cold windy day anywhere in the world for me…I can see myself listening to in the car I drive in Delhi, early in the winters morning, before that thick fog time, on the way to Sri Fort before the traffic gets noticeable…or walking down 5th Ave before the stores open and all the beautiful people step out; without them, 5th Ave is just another avenue only with prettier stores…but the fact that there is no one around to see them makes it sadder than the rest…or walking through Hyde Park…I just noticed, the leaves are changing

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