Monday, October 09, 2006

I Will Change So Help Me God!

Okay so if I had to change one thing about me it would be the fact that I have terrible self discipline. I tend to indulge everything and get addicted fast enough.

No, I am not talking about binge drinking. I mean more like what goes on in my head. For instance, I am not gymming as much as I should (yes, I know that its not a word but then again neither was Google as a verb so there).

So, am going to keep a monitor on my weight. But the problem is that if you lift, muscles take over the fat and you don’t really lose weight. But I am still overweight and I know that should change. This is embarrassing considering other people read it but you know what, 20 years down the line, hopefully I can say oh that’s the date I changed….so that justifies embarrassment. And again, the point of this whole exercise it to keep an eye on my life and how it changes, albeit on a day to day basis.

Another thing is thinking about the Ex which plunges me into the blackness and I hate how I feel. So, am keeping a notch on my person for each time I think about her. And am hoping soon enough, there will be a day where there isn’t a single notch.

And I would also like to change my eyebrows. No matter how gay that seems to be but when you are cursed with a pair of hairy caterpillars on your face, you would want to too.

So there


Oh but I am pleased with the progress I make playing the guitar to the point I love it! So atleast one out of three is a start. I think I am my own DIY project for the next few months.


scout said...

oh my god, i totally love your blog. and i didnt mean for that to sound so moronic, but hey, i just killed twenny minudes on this here web page. love it. lurrrrrve.

Zaphod said...

meh? you like me raving ranting about all kinds of crap like south indian video clips, the Ex(s), working out and getting drunk?

I am so confused

Thank you however...I will try to continue to...entertain?

basho said...

So this one time a girlfriend of mine shaved my arms, legs, chest, back .. everything with my electric shaver. I was pretty high of course.

The next day, I woke up and I felt like a chick.

The strangest thing, the next few days, I got used to it, the hairless me, it began to grow on me (promise, pun un-intended), I liked it even.

Of course, I never had the guts to do it again :)

Zaphod said...

Dude, what the fuck?!
And I mean that most respectfully...okay the worst I have done in the same state was burn my hair while trying to light a ciggie with the stove...and I have burned a part of my eyebrows before doing something of the same nature...

And trust me, no amount of coaxing can get me to do what you did...and I have been dared before

basho said...

Ha Ha. Yea, it was pretty out there, I have to admit.

Let me repeat: I was very very smashed. :-)

simmi said...

I could teach u how to paint...

i lost a game of cards and had to shave off one eyebrow.

Zaphod said...

Am wondering what piece of knowledge I could trade you painting lessons for...when I think of something particularly interesting, will let you know and hike it to SoAfrica

simmi said...

well, when u come to SA or I to EU we could paint together
chill, drink gallons of red wine, good cheese, talk shit...

Zaphod said...

watch out, may just hold you to it!
But sounds like a plan