Friday, October 06, 2006

Babe, You Got Me Hooked...

So yeah am feeling a bit blue. Look if anyone tells me that I shouldn’t feel bad, I will throw a virtual brick at them. And yes, I know all the logical reasons for not feeling bad but come on…why cant everyone, like me, accept that being irrational is part of being human.

So I am in a bit in mourning but am vacillating between flirting shamelessly with Hook (who is terribly curious about my blog and if I have written about her…the only part I let up was to tell her I call her Hook and she informed me she hates me for that…meh, no skin off my nose…hahahahahaha…oh, the joke is she has a hooked nose which I think is kind of hot but you wont hear me admit that!)

>: o)

And the blues because well, fine! I will admit it, I t was nice to have some one nuts over me and while there is always the little Dutch girl and the Ukranian, I don’t think I can do a relationship with them…dun wanna (slide back under the covers all gruff)

But tell me something, is every relationship unequal? The Ex and I did love each other but initially, she loved me a lot more than I did her and toward the end, the tables had turned. With another friend, she wanted to get hitched to her ex but perhaps he didn’t feel the same way. Hook broke up, or so I hear, with her guy who wanted to take a break (I think it was him saying he wanted to do his own thing for 2 years and then they get hitched…I’m sorry but I don’t think I would ever be anyone’s second fiddle or a backup plan). But anyway

Do we give and get love unequally? Isn’t that a bit sad? Is the perfect relationship one which lasts over years and both people love each other the same amount at the same time?


So, riddle me thing (tangent warning: I am writing this down for my own sake so I can read it 20 years down the line and think either I am a complete moron to give importance to something like this or I am a complete moron to have missed it…either ways, I have resigned myself to the fact that I am a moron…but I also consider it inevitable that I will wisen up one day)

I was speaking with Hook last night and she is supposed to meet another friend for dinner. I tell her I am bored and she should come and imbibe sheesha and mint-tea with me. Is it curious if she tries to cancel with her friend to meet me?

Or how about this, she admits she is shallow and deprived of male attention (which I don’t get since I am a specimen of the afore mentioned sex but in any case) so she has agreed to have dinner with this Neanderthal (read a trader at HSBC who is a Neanderthal and within 5 minutes of meeting her told her he makes lots of money…ah New York New York…I see you aren’t just a city but a way of life). She prefaces this saying that I will first want to kill her then laugh and the proceeds to tell me

Silence on my part is greeted with her explaining how she isn’t attracted to him (oh I have so heard that before just to have the girl end up with the guy for 2 years…women!) and she is doing this just for fun to snub his ego. She then decides to launch into this elaborate plan on how I can sabotage his date (he wants to speak with me to get into my line of work...hah!!)

Well, shes cute, flirty and oh so very twisted and I find that sexy as all hell..oh why am I attracted to women who like to play games…I just wanted a nice girl (bullshit and I know it but I get poetic license i.e. juxtaposition of the nice girl vs bad girl imagery)

Oh well…ve shall see…

PS: don't take the title of the post too seriously, I was just trying to be punny...get it? get it?
okay, *you* may now throw a virtual brick at me for that! Hah!

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Women kill me.