Monday, October 30, 2006

Martha! The Neighbors Are At It Again!

Making gay porn that wonder the shades are never up
Or perhaps its just a mental block
It works thankfully

And I'm still sick
And the boss is annoyed im sick and refuses to accept i stayed home all weekend

Bah Humbug!
Wow, its only end October and I'm already full of Christmas cheer...and snot


hedonistic hobo said...

it's so creepy that they're there, across this window where i spend entire days. brrr........and what if they've seen me topless. how could they be gay still!?

eM said...

fyi: Cheer: a state of feeling or spirits: Their good cheer overcame his depression. OR
gladness, gaiety, or animation: full of cheer and good spirits.

Just thought you might appreciate a dictionary definition :)

*ducks before Zaphod kills her*

Vitamin C is good for colds, but. And milk with haldi.

Anonymous said...

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