Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Apologize, The Universe Does NOT Need Any Blue Pill....Ya Hear That Ya Great Big Vaccuum?!

So I think the Universe mis-read the title of my last post and thought I said it needed the little blue pill. To extract revenge, it has sent me a horrorscope involving I think my posterior. And Old Compton seems to be getting to me...or atleast making a bloody good attempt:

"Sweet Venus is being excited by your key planet Uranus."
(pull out ear horn) meh? what was that, whose sweet venus excited by my what dearie?

"Others will see you as more sociable and charming, and you can use this to your advantage. Unfortunately, someone may try to prevent you from having fun."
Uhhun (in mock belief as I try to get my befuddled mind over the past line)

"Acknowledge the resistance you perceive from others, but then go ahead with your unconventional activities anyway. The pleasure is worth the consequences"
(blink blink) im sorry but is Venus getting excited by my you know what worth the consequence? Let’s stay away from it please

Warning: I have decided to go crazy today. Bobo pointed out you can’t decide to go nuts, you just go nuts. But I argue in deciding to go nuts, I must be nuts to decide to go nuts and hence, I am nuts.
(poof!) his sense of rational thought disappears for a brief sojourn

Haven’t been writing as I wish I did but am still suffering from a cold and that makes me cranky. And Venus being excited by anything apart from the 'General' is just…not…cool

Oh also, my boss was irritate with me being sick on Monday and refused to accept i stayed in all weekend because I was *still* sick. Its Wednesday morning now. Its quarter to 10 in the AM and he isn't here... he just sent an email saying he is feeling smugness of karmic retribution


hedonistic hobo said...

imagine creepy gay filmamaker guy across the window turns to you and says, 'tootsie my venus, 'uranus. it's in the stars.'

so i finally figured out why the sink drain doesn't work. it's the drainage equilibrium of the house. now that the shower drain works fine, the sink drain must give. something's gotta give no?

Zaphod said...

oh eff off...what are we doing for dinner

hedonistic hobo said...

i am going to cry

by the way we shouldn't relly put up domestic issue here na? hehe

so, what are we doing for dinner tonight? :D madame hook is awol again or just not answering her phone. i am fucking stressed and will regale you with the many reasons why later tonight.