Friday, November 03, 2006

Mongrels & Roots

So my Mothers side:

Her dad comes from Sadabad…I think (oh dear, brow frumples)…wait yes. And he went to school thre as did his brothers and he learned to read and write with a chalk and a small slate. He then grew up to be the first of my clan to go abroad to study and set up the observatory…well, a few in India. He is very smart. But the point is, he is from UP.

My mum’s mum, is from Lahore. She has 9…had 9 siblings..

My Dad’s side:

His folks came from Gwalior. His dad was a forest ranger in Andaman & Nicobar islands and did have a lions skin in the living room with a bullet hole right between the eyes and I would, as a kid, be fascinated beyond all reason at the hole and its glassy eyes and lacquered tongue, mouth open in its last snarl. My dad’s mum had to changer her name when she got marred because that was custom – change the name so it fits the husbands, a ridiculous concept if I ever heard one. She didn’t have any grey hair until her 80’s

I was born in Austria, grew up in Saudi Arabia and then moved to Delhi. I was in the US for 5 years and London for the past couple of months. I speak English, Hindi (albeit very Dilli street) and German.

Now where the hell am I from? I know I’m Bhramin but have never had that whole head shaved thread dealy. So, I’m not from Delhi technically, I have no freaking idea where I’m from. I’m perfectly happy saying I’m Indian (oh but you speak English so well…no shit you dumb cunt, a lot of upper middle class people do and besides, Enlglish was the first language I learned…instead I say well, a lot of Indians do you know)

I’m a mongrel!

Oh well


Fuckin’ A, there’s a Wiki on my last name:

So apparently, we are a clan of sages (yeah, the way some relatives behave, more like cess pool dwellers but still), who descended from a fire-priest called xxxxxx. They instituted the ritual of offering the juice of the Soma plant to the old Aryan deities (I knew partying ran in the family baby!!)

They were warriors in addition to being priests (hippocrites)

The xxxx were closely linked with the composition of the Atharva Veda (something redeeming)

Apparently the guy who started it all is also the one who stepped on the Big 3 (not GM, DCX or F but the Big Three Divinities) to see which of them was the greatest, presumptuous bastard wasn’t he?!

Soma: It is described as prepared by pressing juice from the stalks of a certain mountain plant, which has been variously hypothesized to be a psychedelic mushroom, cannabis, peganum harmala, or ephedra. In both Vedic and Zoroastrian tradition, the drink is identified with the plant, and also personified as a divinity, the three forming a religious or mythological unity.


scout said...

haha.. now i know your name!! shouldn't have done that, i have a close friend with the same last name as you and i remember her feeding me all sorts of shit about your rituals and stuff. goodness!

Zaphod said...

Humph! (feeling rather displeased at this loss of anonymity)