Monday, November 06, 2006

Flash Fiction, But Real

An unsold dress. A broken heart

He pulled the coat off the rack and loved it. Then from the corner of his eye he saw a beautiful dress and while he had seen beautiful clothes for her in the past, for once he could buy them for her. He wanted to dress her up and wrap his arms around her and bring her into his world and take her away from a world they had known, one that was tearing them apart, like water seeping into cracks and freezing, prying them apart without realizing it.

He begged her to let him buy it for her,” I want do something nice for you! Please?”

“It’s too late, its loo late for everything”

And in an instant he realized what she meant. His knees went weak and everything swam around him, the blood throbbing in his head and some other place in his chest, somewhere but it hurt and he couldn’t quite place the source but he felt the pain washing over him, drenching him and his throat went dry. Ironic, considering he could barely keep the tears back. Suddenly he hated everything and everyone around him and he wanted to see it all go up in flames. He wanted everything inside to spew out and mar the walls, bright streaks of black.

They rode back in the subway in silence, she was standing so close to him. And even though he could hear her breath over the clamour of the subway, she was that close, he felt like a little pin prick in the face of the universe, completely insignificant and worthless.

It wasn’t the universe, it was her.

For she had been at the center of his.

10th November, 3:27am

Yes, i know, very melodramatic, very over the top and sticky writing, but it was 3:30 in the am so I am excused...besides, was the first time I remembered breaking up...oh well...


hedonistic hobo said...

why did you remember you loser? why? do you want me to slap you coz i will oblige and it won't be because of the hardened, caulked chapattis.

it was a well written story for what it's worth, the part where he feels blanched and drained. very elegantly captured. we've all been through the exact feeling no. it's just about recentering the universe around you and it isn't that hard for me given the way my waistline's expanding i am certain to have my own gravitational pull. that would explain all the man. badaboosh! thank you chicago!! i'm here every friday............

hedonistic hobo said...

echoing gun fire. another paradise lost.