Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Whole Lotta Nothing

(amble in)
(look around)
(settle in to my favourite chair)

(content sigh)

Yeah, i‘ve been working like a dog and I’ve been sick…fun ain’t it…and the forecast reads the same everyday: rain. Even the temperate is the same – 13 Celsius.

Anyway the way I see it, it’s a downhill rollercoaster ride now. So first there’s the move back to NY and seeing the Ladies again. No, none of them hook ups or anything, are the ladies: Ash, SB and Guppy. Ash is up to her usual tricks when asked about boys – some old, some new as she put it …so I am sure that calls for a wine dinner. And SB sucks at keeping in touch so never mind that. Guppy I know is excited to have me back which is awfully nice.

Point being, then its going to Delhi where the only thing I am excited about is um, the new house and the lap of luxury considering the pains my Dad has taken…
Mum: the steam room was fitted in today
Me: ah okay (barely containing glee)
Mum: no girls over
Me: so I can’t have any friends over
Mum: no, you can have friends over, just no girls
Me: so no friends?
Mum: oh fine but no single girls
Me: so no friends?
Mum: fine, do whatever you want
Me: thank you Ma

Conversation 2:
Mum: no girls upstairs though
Me: oh fine, but tell me, how many people can fit into the steam room
Mum: what do you mean
Me: well, in case I want to have a private party…
Mum: (mot amused)

And then off to Bombay which well, I refrain from commenting on, am miffed about it for reasons you needn’t know

But I am mentally vegetating, I can feel the funk o n the brain. Everything is in molasses now, all gooey and barely moving. Yeah, nothing of importance here but either ways, will have something to say end of the year, one way or another. Oh, Hard Candy, the movie, sucks balls, James Bond is a decent action movie…okay, fuck it, I didn’t like it…and I want to see Happy Feet so judge away heathens…I think I have a foot/shoe fetish, have to understand that more…when I was boomed last, I opened up wikipedia entries about stuff I wanted to read about: metacognition, cocaine, marijuana, Janice Dickenson, List of Asterix Comics, Ethnogeny, Richard Belzer, Sexual Fetishes….(look at the list)
(wonder what on earth is going on in his head)
(mutters) oh dear….


Anonymous said...

you think you have a foot fetish? dude, don't you just know?

Zaphod said...

oui, but its making itself overt now!