Tuesday, November 14, 2006

That's Right, Help Yourself

Early morning post but I opened up the HT online to read China claims all of Arunachal.

(double take)


Look, I don't know much about politics (finance yes, art etc sure, politics no for the simple reason that I get rather discombobulated when I read it and it clashes against my sense of fair play...that and I don't get much time to read up on politics which I must remedy)

But I don't understand how anyone can make any argument for claiming any part of the country...



jerry said...

hahaha...exactly my sentiment...strange bit, got my eyes popping out last evening to the tv...

hedonistic hobo said...

i felt the jolt too. it's beena contested territory for a while and i thought this issue had been resolved in the last summit but i guess we did something to piss of our cheeni bhais.

Big Eyed Fish said...

yea.. it's one of the oldest border disputes in the world. They've always believed it's their territory.
Now they're supposedly trying to swap it for the occupied area in kashmir.
I won't be surprised if it does end up as a part of china, sooner or later.

By the way.. the place is amazing. It just cannot be described. And pictures do no justice whatsoever.

Zaphod said...

But see the problem is one you give away a tiny piece, what's to stop another person laying claim to a bigger piece?
Can't everyone just chill out, take a deep breath and try and be objective...what do I know, all I can say is that I'm rather ignorant when it comes to politics, I always get mired in debating with my sense of fair play!

Big Eyed Fish said...

"Can't everyone just chill out, take a deep breath and try and be objective"

whoa.. easy! What now you're gonna ask people to be rational and all? Jeez. And what's that.. fair what?

You just spelled out the remedy to every single problem in the world. But i guess its just too much to ask.

Zaphod said...

every issue I have had in my relationships, I tried to get the other person to calm down and think about it...it never worked and I had my heart broken way too many times...I guess people can't be objective...question is, how do I live in an irrational world?
sorry, i'm on 3 hours sleep right now and 2 redbulls