Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Two for Tuesday

I am a zombie. No, seriously. So last night around 1am Bobo and Bouncy come home...okay Bouncy does first rather drunk and rattled. Anywho, I am faffing around waiting for a polite moment to hatch my escape. Bobo comes in rather drunk her self, slurring and rather belligerent. So while those two bicker, I roll for Bobo who proceeds to generously imbibe. Now what’s odd is that was my first roll (yes I know, hanging head in shame and all that, let it go, accept it, I have) so anyway, today she has no recollection of it at all and asks why there is half a MJ in the ashtray. Yeesh, women. So I take it al the praise I got for doing such a fine job well, doesn’t hold claim because after all, does a falling tree make a sound if there is no one around to hear it.
Bouncy retires to *my* bed, Bobo hops in leaving me little space. I have to sleep on my side, something I can never do but try again. Now suffice to say, I have had 2-3 hours sleep and am thus a zombie…not the brain-eating variety.
Also, to give myself to shake my head about and say oh what a kid I will mention that I got a Xbox 360 waiting for me in NY along with FEAR (spooky game, I likes!), Need For Speed Carbon Black & Gears of War. I wonder at what age I will stop playing these games…but then see, I never had a consol growing up s well, am making up for it now.
Also, am supposed to go to Benaras for a one-on-one (no gay jokes) dinner with the boss. Fuck. So here I am surreptitiously having Redbull with Coke to avoid telling my boss I didn’t sleep much because I had two very loud girls in bed with me, loud because they SNORE as softly as Mac Trucks….useless
I feel sick…and light headed….(groan) and I didn’t even drink…oh dear

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hedonistic hobo said...

I do not snore!