Thursday, November 02, 2006

(mumbles) where did the year go??


Its 6pm, I’m alone in the office, a little Audioslave on the computer and I found a little peace in the otherwise stressful place. Work tends to move in spurts and not just during the months of the year but during the day. There are days when I can faff about, have monkey work to do and others where I barely find time to unclench my jaw…or butt for that matter. Oh well, it’s a trade off for pay day I guess.

Today was a good day because we made some money on something that kept me tense for almost a month. So it feels good.

And its already November, when the fuck did that happen. Is it too early to take stock? I don’t know but come December 9th, push from London to New York. Come 15th December leave from New York for Delhi via London. Soon after, push off to Bombay and then back to Delhi and New York on the 4th. So, the only quiet time I think I will get is when I am ‘cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet and please make sure you wear your seatbelts when the sign is turned on’

But let me take the year in review, last New Year’s was at AB’s place with the Ex and Fat One and his amreki girl friend and MT. MT and AB were dating and the Ex wasn’t an alphabet but a real person. AB’s mum got tipsy at the party and danced with her own shadow. Fat One tried to cut in and was turned down. Oh dear

I loathed leaving the Ex for New York but still, struggled through the better part of spring. Ex pops along to NY and things fall apart. But I forget the time in between…was there any drama? Let me check

(flips back in time)

Oh dear, no entries. I guess not

Oh damn! I remember, February was LA Woman, enough sullen fights with the Ex.

London has been…surreal too…where the fuck has the time gone to? (searches high and low)

Well then, the year is yet to end and I have a feeling there is a little more drama left in it (not in the bad sense but touch wood, we shall see)

Last night Bobo and I ventured out (despite her groans of ‘duuuuuuude, I’m dying’) to the Masala Zone. Wah! North Indian food with enough spices to make your stomach do a triple axle and then some. And the waiter had the balls to suggest Bobo and I couldn’t finish a thali each along with Pao Bhaji…course, we showed him and followed it with dessert.

Fuckin’ A I missed that food.

And right now there are domestic issues at the Bobo/Zaphod household – the garbage disposal wont work and the internet suddenly decided to take a vacation.

When did I grow up? Have I grown up? I think the day you grow up grow up (forgive the repetition…reminds me of when my sis was a kid, would always want to play ‘Teacher Teacher’ or ‘Shop’peeper Shop’peeper’ which would mean her raiding my mum’s stock of imported soaps and using the Fisher Price cash register but anyway) when you have a kid.

Yikes, the idea makes my head do a triple.

Anyway, its too early for me to leave (that’s the sad part of the job, even if I am done, have to be around in case the boss who incidentally has gone to see La Boheme needs anything)

But now to find entertainment this weekend – Tate? Shopping? Movie…yeah but I hate doing that alone, never done a movie alone…perhaps this weekend…

Yeah this a long rambling post about nothing at all but had writer’s itch (which is nothing like jock itch which I have never had the pleasure of experiencing and never want to)

Oooo, did stumble on this today and loved it, how could you not, its Roald Dahl baby!!

And oh yeah, so Modi (woman friend, rather large given medical reasons) started a group on Facebook called ‘Large is Beautiful’ or something like that for whatever reason. So fine, I join, then Opinionated, her ex and well, this rather opinionated person (and I take it they never split amicably) started another group called ‘There is nothing beautiful about a heartattack’ attacking large people. Its really entertaining to see their email exchanges to which god knows how many poor people have been subjected but still, just reaffirms my Aquarian (?! Oh fine, I am a new age hippy now fug off) sentiment of lemme beeeeee! Shoo! Don’t involve me in this, lemme be a spectator, couldn’t be buggered to care right now.

Right now to faff around a bit more and play with a few charts on excel. I think this may be a slow month excitement wise…or the universe could just lull me into a false sense of stability…either ways, here we go!!

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eM said...

oh dear. you don't sound very happy. year endings always have this effect on people, I find, but come on, find a HAPPY memory.