Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Congratulations On The Nuptials

thank you! i missed you at the engagement. still navigating the family hurdles that get me to the guy...it kinda sux being an indian girl, seriously
i hope you find a wonderful girl and that your parents arent too "indian" for the love of your life :)


hedonistic hobo said...

huh? what was that?

basho said...

that must be cut/paste from an email that zaphod got from an ex.


Zaphod said...

hahah, no, im not quite the hero of a tragic novel...it was a girl whose only allure was that she was interested in me...and I needed an ego pick me up...but no, nothing happened with her and I'm so very glad

hedonistic hobo said...

this is the viennese?

Zaphod said...

meh? never dated/flug a viennese...yet