Monday, November 06, 2006

On Taking Shape

Sometimes it needs to be voiced out aloud. There have been enough of them where I wouldn’t say them out aloud and I would figuratively clamp my hands over my ears to avoid hearing them. I felt as though if they were said out aloud from the mouths of men, they would become real and would find existence and being.

So I never said them out aloud.

If someone else did, if they involved another person, I ran to escape the words reaching my ears…they always seemed to catch up.

Anyway, but yeah, it needs to be voiced out aloud for it take up form and find its place in your life and the universe. But other times, the only way to let it go is to let it fall and break and shatter into millions of pieces that over time, turn to dust and blow away. So for this to happen, you need to voice it out aloud.

It is spoken and in that act becomes real. Then, you let it slip away and break, watch it blow away

But these are the less painful ones.

There are certain ones which can not ever be said out aloud. They must exist broken. In other words, to elucidate, before they are said out aloud, they must be broken. Then, once they are, once they are shattered and cant hurt anymore, you say them out aloud. They find meaning and shape, already broken into pieces and incapable of hurting you.

That’s what the last post was about.

Is this unclear? Think of thoughts as china plates. Now does it make more sense?


basho said...

What about them china plates that never break.

Damn you, unbreakable china. :-)

Zaphod said...

Then you take the biggest sledge hammer of rationality, hammer away until red in the face...and it *will* break...I would know!

eM said...

i don't know what it is about this time of the year that makes us all so sappy and nostalgiac. never mind, december will soon be here, and we'll line up the harem in delhi to push all thoughts of past loves away from your mind. :)

Zaphod said...

hahaha, thanks eM...we'll see about the harem and all but you can certainly ply me with Kingfisher...but I was talking about past loves specifically, all kinds of thoughts actually!

basho said...

i just broke one of em plates today.

thanks dude. :-)

btw, ask your roommate bobo to email me about her job market woes. I might be able to help.

hedonistic hobo said...

what's with your mood these days? is it because i haven't been cooking? stop being so deep zaphod. stop it!
o read the 'fear of flying'. or oooooooo 'portnoy's complaint' :D that's a book that leaves everyone disturbed.

Zaphod said...

see, it aint that hard to break them...and that's kinda sad...

oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles...that's a terrible wannabe pun

Zaphod said...

amn't being deep (indignant)
am just saying...I don't just tired..been 11 months and counting since I had a break...I'm just tired