Thursday, September 21, 2006

Zaphod Thinks About the Future

Seeing the Hobo apply for jobs made me thing what I wanted to do over the next few years.

I think, and this is at this point of time, (I hereby bring attention to this as a disclaimer saying I am 23 and am not sure what I want to do eventually), when I eventually grow up want to be a consultant on Indian government projects. For instance, I was speaking with this guy at McKinsey who worked on a feasibility and evaluation on the world’s most extensive railway network. That’s….really cool (at the rate of sounding like a real geek). So, I think at the end of three years at my current place, I want to do something like that. And hopefully I can work at a consulting firm for two years, do an MBA and get back to India with well, who am I kidding, McKinsey (if I can manage that).

So, I think gradually am going to look into this and apply in my third year (beginning June 2007)


fivefeetzero said...

fuck, thought i'd just written you this intense comment, but the gods at have deemed it unfit and have completely erased it from your blog. anyway, this will now sound lame but here's what i had to say:
that i had to write. i read one of your posts from london about 'being 23 and having no idea what the next step is' and it totally resonated. i had to reach out.
i thought adolescent angst was bad enough, but i have since realised that being post-break-up 23 and clueless is much worse. i KNOW the confusion, the swirling thoughts, the lost-ness.
unfortunately i don't have much wiseness to impart, just thought it might help to know that someone in mumbai is 23, female, suddenly single and totally plan-less.
ps also aquarian :)

Zaphod said...

Nope, just my attempt to play God/Dictator by moderating the posts....sorry but its just that for a few weeks, I had a slew of faux- posts which generically read: Hey, love the content, very informative, check out my site to make loads of free cash

Suffice to say, they weren't real comments, there was no money and the sites would have given me a virus..hence the need to comment