Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Musings...Now (!) With Pictures!

I really feel like writing. I think after such dense thoughts and after my last (and I mean it, last I say and I say in eye-talics) debacle with the Ex I am turning over new leaf (flip)

So lets see, I was marvelling at how disproportionate the world is. Hobo treated me to 'Britney's Most Shocking Moments' on VH1. How on earth can they make a program where one of the segments is that the tattoo on her neck in Hebrew is backwards. Yes, it is asinine but really? She's on TV for that? Or that Jessica Simpson's, babe she may be, won endorsements from Dominos for her infamous 'are buffalo wings chicken of buffalo?'. Look, I have espoused some gems in my time. So have my friends

(we went camping in the hills and were driving this convertible Mustang and Ash looks out at the Big Blue (sky) and goes, is that the ocean?
SB came up with the word nudiddity

SB walked into a fire hydrant because her long legs make walk with her head in the clouds)

Now why I aren't I on TV for that? (oh wait, im not a blonde busty woman….wouldn't want to be either). But yes, the point is, you have millions of people going crazy over generic blonde bimbos in a less healthy way (the healthy way being boing! She's hot and leaving it at that, the less healthy way being, oh holy crap, did you see the T shirts Britney Spears is wearing (cut to a montage of her wearing a T shirt saying "I'm a virgin but this is an old T-shirt" or another one that cleverly quips "Mrs. Federline" )

Ye gads people!

And that isn't the end of it…you see fashion shows where women wear everything from feathers to the kitchen sink and these things cost hundreds of thousands of dollars…what gives?

What's worse is that I am kinda there myself…hmm, I think this stems with the fact that I am going to buy this:

And scrap this:


And here's why, the thing wont start…it just wont, you boot it and you have this black screen looking back at you, it's the Abyss I tells ya! God I hate computers….the new thing with kids (and by this I mean sorostitutes and frat rats) is the term BSOD – say it with me, Bee-sod…aka the blue screen of death…and while the concept isn't new, its been around ever since Windows version anything has been, and I have personally dealt with it several times, i can't believe that they call it BSOD now

(its like these girls i heard going, you don't get it, they said the word lol, instead of laughing, they said lol....and it doesn't end there, I've heard them say 'b-r-b' and 't-t-y-l'...makes me want to rip my arm off and hit them on the head with the bloody stump)

anyway, more on the *blue screen of death* seen herewith:

Moving on.

And notice how cleverly I drop this in so that when I read this years from now I can fool myself into thinking this was trivial enough and made the same impact on my life as Britney Spear's t shirt "I am the American Dream"…its my attempt at keeping a stiff upper lip

I had my last fall out with the Ex. I think you go through two stages…okay more, but one is defined as when you scream at them and the other when you throw self respect to the wind, admit how you feel…it all ends when you offer them the biggest thing you can (and I don't have the balls to spell it out here but I know what I am talking about) and they say 'I don't'

So, like I said, moving on

So where was i? yeah, work has been hectic and has left me with more dents in my jaw than I hope to remember, comes from clenching hard under pressure (no pervy remarks)…anyway, so, gone over disproportionality, gone over the x who has now been relegated to one-letter status

Oh yeah, speaking of the alphabets, the other x's seem to pop in from time to time…or okay, x's and hook-ups…one is I believe in the US Navy as a battle co-ordinator somethingummy – what she told me was basically she would be in the funky airplanes above the battle ground, the ones with a large antenna growing out its back and would manage the logistics of the battle….now that's a fry cry from my own job in a fancy-schmancy building (and I refer to the NY office here since its teh perfect cliché) on the 26th floor, one street over from Central Park with a biometric scanner just to get inside and white shirts with suits and ties…oh well, I wish I knew how to get in touch with her.

Then the other one, turns out and I found out later, is the adopted sister of a pretty famous actor in Hollywood…oh well

And another was MK who I believe is still in LA or is looking for a job in marine biology…and then there's the super smart one who is getting engaged later this year and messages me occasionally saying she needs to go to a shrink and asking me to come to Prague…

Mixed bag no?

Oh, in other financial news, Amaranth blew up. Amaranth is a pretty big hedge-fund that invested in natural gas. I believe they lost 30% in one of their funds because of their star trader (and I say star because he made the firm $75mm-$100mm last year)….when asked to comment, all he said was 'oops'
(okay not really but heck, what can you say to blowing up billions? I'm sorry?)

And then that crap in Thailand with the faux coup…is every one going nuts? Look, I don't get it, I wouldn't want to run a country…I mean me relaxing in my big gold tub being interrupted every 3 minutes, the army is making an attempted coup (kill them), the people are starving (go invade country 2, take their oil, make their leader attack us, cower and make him look like the bad guy….oh wait, that's already been done hasn't it?), taxes are going through the roof and the currency is falling (just take every single piece of money and divide it by 10,000 …. Turkey did that to a greater extent)

Enough ruminations, must go:

1) work

2) hit up gym

3) hit on xyz (am at the stage where I really don't think I have anything to lose, whatever I did, x took care of that yesterday)

4) work on blistering fingers in the name of music and doing something I want to i.e. the gee'tar

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