Friday, September 29, 2006


So, this post can be found me a favor, if you have read my own blog and never commented, love it, hate it whatever, please post on this guys blog...

I noticed this ages back when some bitches were making noises about the Blank Noise Project in the blogosphere. I thought it was some kind of a fucky-leaky idea by some freaked out sluts who weren’t getting enough cocks. Forget the cocks, they seemed deprived of even the stares or passes, which in my opinion is very normal.
You’re kidding me right? No, seriously…and you are supposed to be 29?

Unlike most other animals, we are on heat all the seasons. So it is quite natural for men (and of course women too) too seek sex or play the ‘attracting game’.
Of course it is! Its one of the greatest things about being human…flirting is one of the most fun things…

Some females are so fucking delusional about themselves that they start believing having a cunt is perhaps winning the biggest jackpot in this universe.
I have never heard a woman say that…and I have a lot of friends who are women…well, hmm…still he is entitled to his opinion

The point is, the vagina is there for a purpose and nine hundred a ninety nine times out of a thousand a girl doesn’t want flowers. She just wants to get laid. Nothing wrong with that either, rather, it is absolutely in line with normal human behaviour.
Debatable…but I wont get into that either…

If the so-called teasing is without any violence then I am all for it. Physical assault and stalking are two things I would never ever approve. Why?
a) You do not have any right to harm/hurt/violate another human being physically.
b) Stalking is symptomatic of psycho-criminal behaviour. It is proved, so no arguments here.
I agree, never hit a girl no matter how mean she is, been stabbed to prove this point and would go through it again

The self-proclaimed moralists should know that if I have a pair of eyes to see and you a pair of boobs to show, it is my birthright to have a closer look what is being displayed in full public.
Not really. I mean I think its really rude to stare and gape…but again, this to me is more a question of civility and cant react to this strongly because I am not on the defensive position

If you wear short skirts, there is no harm in making an extra effort to take a peek what’s under it. No, I won’t lift the skirt up to see. However, if she is taking the elevator and I am below her, I shall move my head to see what colour panty she is wearing.
Similarly, it is my birthright to start a conversation with any female whom I fancy upon whether it is in a private party or in a public place if there is an opportunity to do so.
Of course it is…and odds are the girl would like to meet guys she can have a decent conversation with, of course, by decent conversation I mean one that is done face to face, not tit-to-eyeball…if that’s your approach, then good luck finding willing females (you don’t pay) to talk to you

However, I shall in no way feel free to pester anyone from entering into a conversation with me. The female has all the rights to continue or politely refuse to go into a chat with me.
Oh good…this guy must have an awfully quiet life however

The brains behind the Blank Noise Project attention deprived cunts doing whatever they can to show how desirable they are and how dangerously they live every moment outside their homes. In the process, they are managing to grab some eyeballs.
Well, I have had a friend harassed physically because she was wearing shorts outside her gate. I have punched a guy in the face because he grabbed the Ex in a way he def. shouldn’t have. I have had quite a few female friends hear stuff that would make you sick. Tell me something, you got a sister? Send me a picture and let me try on a few choice lines my friends heard on the streets of Delhi.
Better yet, send your sister out and let me have a go and eyeball her the same way you suggest.

The pictures of the gals in the blog reminded me of my ex-girlfriend. She used to look just like one of them, very common, very normal. She belonged to an ultra-conservative Marwari family. That didn’t reflect in her contemporary dressing though. She always used to be in western and casuals – the way the modern girl should be dressing.
I have immense respect for the girl. She was all innocent and never-been-kissed. She was the first girl I seriously fell in love with. I still love her more than anything else and wish that she comes back in my life. Wishful thinking, I know it is history now. Anyway, I am not discussing my love life here. The story is that it didn’t take me long to deflower her and we become great lovers for a long, long time till it abruptly ended without any reason last year.
What I learnt during my relationship with her is that girls who have a serious inferiority complex only think about sex as a taboo. It is only those girls who make issues out of non-issues like the females in the Blank Noise Project are making. Else, no matter whatever masks they wear of being innocent and sensitive to stares, remarks etc, deep inside they enjoy it. After all, why not? Getting a comment from the opposite sex is always ego boosting; great for the self-esteem. If you are a girl and get a comment on your boobs being highly gropable, you must know that your boobs are capable of turning a man on.
There is a difference in telling a woman she is beautiful and telling her you want to bend her over. If you cant pick up on this, good luck.

The bottom line is that given half a chance, a sexually developed female would easily agree to jump into the sack – family backgrounds, religious beliefs and social bindings notwithstanding. Of course, if she is a frigid and don’t get wet on stimulation then she would hit the streets crying eve-teasing.
Trust me, that’s a load of bullshit

If you are a guy and don't believe me then take a gal in your bedroom when no one is around to disturb you for a couple of hours and offer her flowers or a fuck, she will go for the fuck, or at least the suck.
Why? A good fuck gives you a great orgasm and a great orgasm is always better than flowers.

And a dick is always better than doing this to yourself, right gals? Next time get your friendly eve teaser to do this to you. He will go out of his way to find a nice place where you can do it. And, he will make you a very happy gal.



fivefeetzero said...

The man is odious. I'm so ready to hurl. Anyway, I've left a comment (actually, an essay more like ;)). But I doubt it'll make a difference, he seems totally impervious to reason.

jerry said...

hmmm, and then the world is for all opinions...strange!

hedonistic hobo said...

u shouldn't have linked to his post. he wants attentiona nd this way he gets it. this man is absolutely repulsive. if i ever figure out this mofo is i'm gonna make my a beat-a-man-t-death-y-my-own-are-hands fantasy come true.

Beau Peep said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Beau Peep said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zaphod said...

Hey Peep, fuck off

Beau Peep said...

deleting comments is BAD Zaphod. You should know better.

Beau Peep said...

Should I link you too???

Zaphod said...

i know i know
but i think theres enough space on this blog for one person to be, i brought your post to her attention, I am sure if she has something to say, she will get back to you

Zaphod said...

muah! whatever you feel like kiddo...if you wanna try and get me too, go for it, i am way too tired and way to busy with work to care...have a good one

Beau Peep said...

Her? Are you sure?? ;-)

Come on mate, be a sport, don't delete comments OK? At least mine never had anything to do with you. Let her read this, you should believe in allowing a free say for everyone in your blog unless personally directed towards you.

What do you suggest?

Zaphod said...

From Beau Peep who while I may revile and be revolted by, brings up a good point.

So, with that, I repost what I deleted:

From Beau Peep
“hedonistic hobo:

i don't know what kind of genital's this animal has got, but certainly seems like a vanina in possession.

let her take over me and i am gonna root 'her' (if she is a female really) the way she can never imagine.

reminiscent of an incestuously abused child this hobo kiddo is.

k, check my latest post hobo, and i linked you all right; right and proper.”

Zaphod said...

Beau, send me the link again and i will put it up...and if you were to direct something at me, some day when I have absolutely nothing to do, will reply to it...

Beau Peep said...

And I can't thank you enough Zaphod. I am highly obliged. Thanks once again.

Beau Peep said...

This is the link -->

Zaphod said...

I dont know if you are being sarcastic. If you are, fuck off, I'm busy.

If you are not being sarcastic, I apologize for making the other binary assumption that you were, it's hard to get the import via email/anything electronic.

Lastly, if you weren';t being sarcastic, I wasn't doing it for you. It seems fair and if anything, I have a sense of fair play. Everyone has a right to say what they want. Unless I take grevious offence, its is all allowed. Lastly, I realized if I deleted it, should anyone stumble on my blog wouldnt know what's going on.

So, save the thanks, wasn't necessary but nonetheless you are welcome.

Beau Peep said...

See Zaphod, this is the first time I am into a passive conversation with a fellow blogger who doesn't like the way I like.

If you read my posts you would know what I am up to and what I am against. I have a cause.

I don't need a Zaphod to get publicity. Seriously mate, I don't need an obscure blogger. I have about 1200-1500 unique visitors a day depending upon what I write. I really don't care. I was just giving you a good advice. It is your blog and you are free to do anything.

But before you drink the shit of prejudice, and try not to impress a few 'female' bloggers here, I would like you to understand the kind of guy I am. I have the courage to call a spade a spade and I don't spare anyone.

Zaphod said...

1. I dont write this blog for anyone but me so I dont care for publicity. This blog is my cheap therapist.

2. Advice is cheap. I am extremly careful who I take it from. So are words.

3. I don't feel the need to impress anyone. If anything, this is the one side of me I keep hidden away with all my insecurities. So impress anyone? With my whiny drivel? I don't think so.

4. You call a spade a spade, what makes you think I dont...just because I dont mention it on my blog (key element, my, as in mine, no one elses...yeah, I call a spade a spade...don't presume that because I don't mention it here, I never do!

5. How come your feathers are so ruffled?

And at the very least, didn't expect apologies for that...shouldn't judge a blogger by his blog...not entirely anyway...I comfortable (for the lack of a better word) that even though I may not agree with you/like you, civility isn't dead....I abhor rude people