Monday, September 18, 2006

"Never Resist...the Firewalker..."

Woke up late this morning to just one left over line from my dream –“3 months of fire-walking should fix it”

Cryptic to all but me; I know why I said that in my dream and to whom.

Weekend was miserable and I brought it on my self. Drank my self senseless (no, serious black out situation) just to discover the next morning I sent a message to the Ex: is it a bad thing that all I want at this moment is you?

No, you don’t understand,, I didn’t send that message…I couldn’t have could I?

3 months of fire-walking should fix it

PS: the title comes from a song called "Heart Shaped Abyss"
Never resist
The firewalker
He has been sent
To educate you
never look back
at the great Deep
and never dance to
that curse he sings

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