Friday, September 29, 2006

65 Things and Then Some

...from an old blog with a few additions

  1. I can wiggle my ears and roll my tongue over 180 degrees. I can also flair my nostrils and bend my hand so that my thumb touches the underside of my arm
  2. I have found just one person who cuts my hair just right in 23 years
  3. I am a hopeless romantic and am worried that the Faceless one will always be the Faceless one
  4. Music changes my mood like nothing else on earth
  5. Im a big foodie…when I grow up, I either want to be a chef, work for National Geographic or continue playing with money
  6. I have a Peter Pan complex which I am trying to grow out of
  7. I like complications in my life
  8. I love philosophy and would do it full time if I could
  9. I am a habitual people watcher and on long bus rides make up back stories for the characters on the bus
  10. I have been in love three times
  11. Most of my friends are girls and they constantly tease me about my eyebrows
  12. I have three dream purchases: a big TV, a great cell phone and a computer that works well. I have always had a small TV, I have never had a cell phone until last year and no computer has lasted more than a year without breaking down in one way or another
  13. I have tried almost every substance barring injecting myself…I will try almost anything once
  14. I want a tattoo
  15. I don’t deal with rejection well
  16. I already have an idea of what my house will be when I grow up
  17. I love to read and wherever I live must have a floor to ceiling book rack
  18. I like kids until they learn the word no
  19. I can drink like a fish but am off shots
  20. I want to learn to play the guitar so I can feel better about a crappy day
  21. I love coffee, cigs and booze way too much
  22. I have never used a a Mac
  23. While I love to know what’s going on with everyone, I seldom interfere until asked to
  24. I love my mother but haven’t told that enough, same with my dad and sis
  25. I love animals, dogs and elephants especially
  26. I have always been curious what Asian women, Latino and black women are like in bed
  27. I can make PC to a degree but fluffy headed people just bore me
  28. I am indifferent to 90% of the people on this planet, 9% catch my attention and I want to everything about them, 1% I don’t want to know and cant stand
  29. I want to take one year off and travel to Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Madagascar, Egypt, Congo, Australia and New Zealand
  30. I was born in Austria and want to go there as well
  31. I want to go shark diving and bungee jumping and sky diving
  32. I have liked my friends (ex) gf for the longest time and want to tell her but cant
  33. I was in love with my best friend , no, not BestBud, SB
  34. I can very vengeful and can forgive but never forget
  35. My favourite writers are Wordsworth, Ayn Rand, Gerald Durrell, Roald Dahl, Baudelaire, Kundera
  36. I read a lot and the names above are a tiny portion of everything I have read
  37. Right now, the nicest part of the day is lying in bed, reading and smoking. It used to be seeing the Ex
  38. I got frustrated learning how to tie shoe laces in a double knot as a kid and started crying
  39. I didn’t cry when my parents left me for the first day of school. I did on the second day though. But then again, I didn’t see them for two years in which time they made a baby sister
  40. I like girls with long hair and specific hands. But this isn’t a rule
  41. I prefer shirts to t-shirts…oh dear, I am growing up
  42. I have messed about with handcuffs, blindfolds, ice, chocolate, strawberries, pillows, and near public fooling about …and I loved all of it
  43. I have cheated on a significant other once and have never been proud of it
  44. I love the water, I can live, breathe and be happy in it. If anyone knows the psychological significance, this gives away more than it says
  45. I abhor rudeness. I can be civil and yet hate someone
  46. I don’t see why people are mean to each other
  47. I don’t understand mind games even though I indulge in them
  48. I can never play Taboo, the board game again
  49. I can not drink peppermint schnapps ever
  50. My favourite fruit is the banana be it in subzi, dessert (big Chill’s Banoffee pie…yumm!), in a drink or just plain
  51. I have a book called How to Cook Everything
  52. I would rather drive a Porsche than a Hummer
  53. I love art even though I may not agree with the general definition of what is good
  54. I have taken classes on Fixed Income Securities, Greek Architecture, Rites & Rituals, Classical Music, 3-Dimensional Multi Variable Calculus, Music in Everyday Life, Bowling
  55. I hate it when my grandmothers sisters or some relative calls up and expects me to know who they are on the phone
  56. I like having a lot of people around me, keeps me from slipping into analysing my life
  57. I can work a lot harder if i need to. I don’t if I don’t have to
  58. Jocks who act like they deserve respect because they are taller should be run over. Same of the hot blondes
  59. I have met a lot of women I can be attracted to. I haven’t been however
  60. I would love to get a gay guys opinion on sex and how he thinks
  61. I have had lucid dreams
  62. I have not been in any major car accidents. My horoscope says I should expect one in 5 years
  63. I know what to call my kid(s) if I have one (them) some day
  64. Co-incidentally, most of the women I have been attracted to have names beginning with A. This is not a rule however
  65. I get bored out in the country. I enjoy it in small bursts but will always be a city boy


InExile said...

ncie post !
and that hair cutting thing is so true for me also !

jerry said...

Brilliant. Sometimes when I read such posts, I feel happy to be a part of all this and I can add my name to it (so what if its the second name). Way to go, thanks, cheers...

wiseling said...

I love watching people...
And kids are adorable until you babysit one that wants to play 'lets run up and down the stairs' for an hour straight followed by 'throw me on the bed again so I can bounce.' Lots of crawling was also involved. sigh.