Wednesday, September 20, 2006

On Ugly Architecture

Hobo and I discussing miseries of falling out of love (more like being pushed out it like you would Mama from a moving train)

Hobo says:
then u pick up my carrion off the road after i jump from the BT tower building

Me says:
ugly building

Hobo says:
though as skyscrapers tho that's a bitchingly ugl building to kill myself from

Hobo says:

Hobo says:
loser aquarians

Me says:
goddamnit girl

In a nutshell, talk to me, talk to her, end up with the same conclusion…oh dear

You have to wonder if the two of us walk into the Twilight Zone where we attain omnipotence, what would happen to the world….can something be delicious and scary at the same time? Coz the thought of that…is!


fivefeetzero said...

i had to write. i'm not much of a comments person, and i'd rather that i'd written through email, but i had to reach out. i read one of your posts from london - you talked about 'not knowing the next step for the first time in four years', and it resonated. i can't say i know exactly where you're coming from, but i sure as hell have a pretty good idea. i KNOW the confusion, the swirling thoughts, the lost-ness; adolescent angst sucked, but i've since come to realise that being post-break-up, 23 and plan-less sucks even more.
i really don't have much wiseness to impart, just thought that it might help to know that someone in mumbai is 23, female and as clueless as you are.
ps i'm an aquarian as well :)

Zaphod said...

Yeah well but while planless, loveless, mapless 23 does suck, it still isn't as bad as teenage angst where you don't have space in your head thanks to hormones to realize you are in a funk. At least now I am 'growed' up enough to realize that this too shall pass (where have i heard that before?)
Anyway, as for you being an aquarian, bah humbug...the Hobo is one too and the fact that we think the same sorta stuff at the same time leaves me worried for the world...
Anyway, I'm from Delhi and last time I was in Bombay was when I was visiting FINALLY this December and off to Goa for the New Year.. yay!