Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Boys And Girls, Level the Field

There are very few equalizers like sex. Or attraction I guess for the lack of a better one word description.

I work on a street which speaks ‘old money’. Beautiful homes/offices, scores of cars from the now pedestrian Porches (pedestrian solely due to the fact that they are, on this street, pedestrian) to Ferraris and Lamborghinis. There are lots of beautiful people.

But here’s the thing, you take a sexy woman and put her down the street, a guys’ head will turn if he is wearing an Armani suit or a wife-beater (god I hate that term). Of course, the post-head-turn reaction will be different. Odds are the wife-beater will whistle or say something to the effect of “hey baby” while the suit will walk on.

So ladies, if you feel that you walk down the street and only sketch guys oogle you, trust me, all guys are oogling, some of us (ahem) are just a tad more polite.

Oh and another thing, if you see one of these polite guys at a bar and you think he is cute, go up and talk to him. Men and women look to attract each other. But it’s a bit one sided, this whole first-move thing, wouldn’t you say? And also, if the guy gets an inflated headed within 5 seconds of you approaching him, yeah, he is on an ego trip that a woman approached him. In which case, the guy has a mis-placed sense of ego. If on the other hand, he does talk like what women imagine a regular guy is, well then there you, all the dressing up has paid off and hasn’t resulted in sucking face with a guy whose face you don’t remember

(What brought this on was an acquaintance complaining that:

a) only sketch guys are checking her out

b) that the cute guy at the bar isn’t looking at her and is obviously single

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