Friday, September 22, 2006

Same Sentiment, Different Tongues

MT decided to write shaa’yars

What he said was “devastating”

"dil ki choton ne kabhi chain se rehne na diya
jab chali sard hawa, maine tujhe yaad kiya...
... iska rona nahi kyon kiya tumne dil barbaad
iska gham hai ke bahut der se barbaad kiya..."

-- Ghulam Ali

What I found ‘devastating’:

In every clime and under every sun,
Death laughs at ye, mad mortals, as ye run;
And oft perfumes herself with myrrh, like ye
And mingles with your madness, irony!"

-- Charles Baudelaire


jerry said...

Read bits of Baudelaire's Rum Diaries: neat stuff!

fivefeetzero said...

erm, hello. just thought that i'd let you know that the email address you left( doesn't quite seem to exist. typo, perhaps?