Thursday, September 21, 2006

Any Space on That Tree?

So okay you know how in the Land of Cliches, you have trees with “Initials + Initials” within a heart carved into the trunks? Yeah? Of course in Delhi, clichés seem to run wild all over the walls of the Jantar Mantar, and wall space not otherwise used as a convenient toilet or spittoon

(I like that word for some reason, kind of onomatopoeic don’t you think? in the cartoons the one legged captain would hock a loogie at the spittoon and it would make this ringing sound?)

But yeah, you see these initials + initials all over the place.
Well, I propose one tree that has the opposite, kind of like initial – initial = life and moving on

Everyone I seem to know is breaking up. Okay so lets take stock:

1) NS and SS who started dating in college and are two really close friends but I thought they were mismatched and have innumerable break-up/back togethers I think they are done for good this year

2) AB and MT – after him liking her since the 8th grade and them dating for two years, they too are done and I think she has moved on (already you ask?!)

3) Hobo and the Tree aka Lambu

4) Hobo’s friend and her bf in Singapore

5) My last hook-up and her bf (earlier this year)

6) Me

Don’t get me wrong, there are survivors thus far to this year – Filmmaker and her bf, Ash and her bf, 11’ses and her TV host….

Well, its so far 2:1

If you can count yourself as one of the casualties of this decidedly wreck of a year, sign there below!

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