Thursday, July 20, 2006

Roots, Trees and the Whole Shebang!

I was going to write about general stuff but as I flipped the channels as Word started up, I saw Meena or Mira Sayal, that British Indian comedian on UKTv Documentary in a village, a bit out of place…she was…she seemed to be searching for her ancestors. I’m guessing her family(which is Punjabi) got lost during the partition or perhaps she’s just looking…

I have a family tree that goes back several generations. I remember seeing it when I was oh I think 16, my eyes wandering up the page looking at names and people I will never meet nor see nor hear but realizing that each one of them have contributed (okay so this sounds a bit clinical when you think about how) to who I am…but they just seemed like names on a page. I see black and white pictures of them on curling yellow sheets, eyes behind glasses, faces further hidden by large moustaches (for the men anyway ;o) ) that would seem anachronistic in Delhi today (but you still see them in villages). I wonder what kind of problems they dealth with, were they myopic, did they know the world beyond Gwalior….

I wish I could have met them…or go ahead and meet the offsprings I will create…I want to know more about my last name…hm, I will try and find out more… I know someone with my last name will have more information…heck, we’re like a gigantic clan – there’s a ******** directory for pete sakes…and laugh of laughs, a facebook group as well!! Not that I wanted to join that…seemed like something out of!

Anyway, but yeah, went gymming today (make that a verb for pete sakes, we have “google” now!). It was satisfying exercising….guess I accomplished something today. Oh and tomorrow meeting M and some more people at “Ye Olde Cheese” (remember, the place with the haunted parrot and where Dahls Chickens sat? yeah, there! Am gonna try and get pictures…that is if I’m not pissfaced!)

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