Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hehehhe, ooops?

Okie then, in my humblest voice, I submit t o the universe to take care of things and trust it to surprise me when I least expect it.

So I went to the Cheese pub place with J, S and M. Well, actually J and S and M was supposed to join us but she got off at the wrong stop and an hour and a half later of trying to get to the Cheese place, she got fed up and decided to go home adding that I wouldn’t be able to see her Saturday since she had to work. I sent her a message saying that she was breaking my heart but it was fine. I guess that kind of did it since she showed up.

We couldn’t smoke in the dining area so we left J and S to their own devices and went for a smoke in another area of the pub. I was making her feel better after a week of frustration at work and she hugged me hard well, hugged my head into her chest. Now not being used to beer and with three pints under my belt, I couldn’t stop giggling but told her I found her frustration cute and funny. Well, she kept kissing me on the cheek and I’m like, uhhh, never mind the babe kissing my cheek, why is there two of everything? Anyway, ended up kissing her.

Uhhh, sorry sorry sorry sorry….heee? No? oh well, im 23 and well…hmm, sorry, will have more faith in crystallization (another theory of mine)

Anyway, long story short, she came over and spent the night with me and no, no tawdry details, a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell.

But um, yeah….in the morning it was expected – I wanted to be alone and it …I wanted my space with no intrusions. Meh…I guess that’s the difference between being in love and hooking up – in love, its not an intrusion, its an extension and a very welcome one at that.

But yeah, I think this was a small but significant shift in perspective.

Will try and remember that

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