Monday, July 31, 2006

Meh...Apathetic Moody Monday Blues

Well, I’m not in trouble – I simply haven’t done anything at all and I know I wont and if I do tell anyone and they say don’t do anything, I will smack them!

But yeah…as expected am thinking about everything and am feeling blue. If life is like a box of stupid chocolates, why do mine taste like crap?

Meh…gloomy Monday blues I guess….speaking AS about his events with women isn’t helping…bringing back faint feelings that I haven’t felt in god knows how many years…why on earth…why now of all times? Don’t I have enough muck? Goddangit

The dreams have remained the same, the faces have changed, that’s all…between the three, they have changed…and after the last face, I thought they would be nameless, faceless for awhile….i thought so until last night…ugh

Here we go again.

Only difference is that now I can’t/won’t tell anyone.

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