Friday, July 21, 2006

Lists Are Harder Than I Thought....

1) when its raining and I’m inside my room in NY under my huge and oh so warm duvet watching TV

2) same weather, drinking coffee and a cigarette hearing the rain come down…god I LOVE that

3) the smell of the fabric cleaner when I slip into my bed with freshly washed sheets (see the bed theme here??)

4) being a bit drunk and not worry about doing anything stupid and getting in to trouble because I know my best friends are there

5) having Scruffy, my Lhasa ahpso jump up on the bed and walk around in circles and finally settle down next to me

6) see frisky, the fox terrier wag her tail so her hard her entire back end is doing the rumba!

7) Actually being able to look at things I want to buy knowing I can finally afford them

8) Meeting a girl I know likes me and talking for hours and hours without knowing where the minutes went, noticing small things about her, her eyes, the way her lips move and curl up into a smile

9) Listening to a great song that makes me imagine the guitarist hands ply the strings, the lead singer jumping and the cheer of the crowds, imaging that

10) Driving down a highway where its so smooth that topping 100kmph in a Zen doesn’t feel that fast coz you have been doing it for a while now and it feels like you are gliding along, listening to a good song, cigarette in one hand, singing loudly with your friends, hopelessly out of tune

11) Stepping on to the quieter part of the terrace at the Hotel Gansevoort in New York, seeing New Jersey on one side and Manhattan on the other, knowing you are living in the greatest city on Earth

12) Snuggling up to a great book, one which describes everything so well you can hear the sounds, taste the air and smell the people…the one I’m reading right now does that SO bloody well –the Grapes of Wrath. I especially loved one chapter where he talks about a car-lot and everything is fragments of a conversation but just in that evokes everything reminiscent about a car lot!

13) The perfect, soft thwock when you hit the golf ball just right, it launches in the air in a perfect arc, bounces twice and comes to rest down the line from you

14) Sprawled out in the grass with a girl, reading a book, one hand absentmindedly playing with the small of her back or her hair

15) A well deserved cigarette

16) Food so sumptuous that the sight or thought of it drives your salivary glands into overdrive and you can just feel them swell (a bit clinical a description but its spot-on wouldn’t you say)

17) Sitting at the airport, waiting to board the plane on my way back to Delhi

18) Seeing friends after along time, remembering and wondering how much they have changed and yet are so familiar and getting to know them again

19) Making a kid laugh…makes me feel like the greatest guy in the world

20) Waking into a museum, not knowing what to expect, turning the corner and seeing this magnificent painting that just leaves you speechless…. The last thing that had that effect on me was seeing Van Gough’s paintings with water in them such as Boat at Sea…or actually, it was a Renoir – one with a woman in the middle of a crowd and the only thing clear in the picture was her face, the rest a blurred explosion of color….dang, I loved that piece

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