Monday, July 17, 2006

I *Do* Miss The Training Wheels Though...

Its like learning to ride a bike...someone needs to tell you to keep your arms even, lest you swerve off course. Or perhaps look in the direction you want to go. Never stop peddling else you will fall off.

I wish my dad had told me that

I wish life were like that.

No one told me how to deal with a broken heart. Or what happens when you do are supposed to get up, dust your self off and trust the bicycle again...or atleast thats what I am learning now.

I guess my last relationship was me freewheeling around the corner, not realizing what was there. What stung more was the surprise of a Mac truck bearing down on me rather than impact.

Well, I guess all I can do is keep peddling, hoping to get that rush again...
and hoping that one day, I will learn, and I won't fall down and will hear the truck this time.

Dad, I love you but I guess part of this blog is in the hopes that my kid will read it and will realize life isn't always fun, the sun doesn't always shine and something you can never prepare for...sometimes you should take an umbrella even if the sky is shining and no, it isn't a good idea to try a wheelie on a motorcycle when its slick on the road (ouch!!)

Just remember than no matter how bad you feel, just trust it again and you will be riding back in no time, even if at that moment all you want to do is chuck it in the trash and hope to never see it again.

Sometimes you will go up hill huffing and puffing and feeling like giving up. But before you realize it, you will be freewheelin (isn't that a song) down a slope, feeling like a million bucks.

Hmm...perhaps life is like a bike...and once you learn, you never forget...but yes, you need a hard helmet to make sure the damage isn't permanent!



Sreekumar said...

I write with a fear that I am invading your privacy, but let me take a risk. You are right and I know because I am going through something similar and learnt the same thing. That life is hard but we must learn to appreciate the hard knocks which makes us tougher and also makes the little victories more sweeter.

Zaphod said...

Meh, I know what you mean but here's the thing with everyone, we're myopic...everything that happens in the now stings more...years later, we can look back and realize how trivial these things sister's biggest issue is if she is popular or not, a beggar's his I said, we are all myopic

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