Saturday, July 15, 2006

Argh stupid blogging site

wiped out everything i wrote about yesterday
ive moved to London until October -- A broke up with me 2 weeks back -- said we weren't as compatible as she an this other wanker (yeah, I said I was in London din I)? were -- I met this other girl who I may have scared off today in a moment of weakness -- I went and messaged A in a fit of weaness sitting in a bar alone getting a beer while waiting for bad Indian food to get ready

and I had so much more to say....

Anyway, am going to treat this blog and writing as therepy coz I may have moved to NY a year ago, but I think I was a bit mindfucked before...

Okay so in retrospect this entry is like a rant and the next one, which is I wanted to write in the first place (and taht emotion is playing over this entry)is going to as well so though nougies!


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