Tuesday, July 25, 2006

On Trains, Planes And Anywhere But Here

I’m actually looking forward to writing here at the end of each day. Its…satisfying and I don’t know why. I guess it’s a virtual ear to vent to, one that does not indulge in judgment of any sort nor to unwarranted advice or consoling me. It just is.

Anyway, highlight of the day I planned out a family vacation for 3 days to Scotland. We are taking the Caledonian sleeper from London Friday night (which is my mum’s birthday as well…hmm…need to arrange a surprise cake for her) and getting to Inverness on the following morning. I miss the train rides, especially those in India.

I remember the smell and the grime, the vendors outside at the tiny stations, watching the electric poles catch speed until they become a blur, the change in sound as we go over a river…stealing a smoke in the little area between to cars, the door open and the grounds screaming past.

I think my most memorable one was where I met her…she was sitting alone, reading a book and that did it for me….anyway, a love ended’ bitter taste…but god did I love her…

But yes, am looking forward to my first train ride outside India. But hell, I maxed out my Amex on the damned fares – 800 pounds for 4 of us…ugh

Also booked us in to the White Lodge Guest House (I just typed in White Castle a la Harold and Kumar!)

Anyway so that.

Also need to look at tickets to Mama Mia for mia familia…oh well, have pots of money sitting in the account so I may as well spend it…plus I should get another $25k or something like that in December. Oh and E mailed back – I get to go to Bombay for the New Year and perhaps Goa. Will be nice to see that girl again, was an odd but lovable cookie…plus I had a small thing for her back in the college days.

Also E is staying with T who A insists had a thing for me. But it will be great to catch up with T as well who is currently a news reader during the week on CNBC.

I promise not to lose touch with friends…they always remind me so much and I guess in way remind me of where I come from and where I’m going.

By the way, am I the only delusional cunt who dreams about when he is 40 and what he wants his life to be then? I’m scared im building myself up for disappointment…but I guess I need to have dreams to have something to chase


PS: a big hello to someone who read my blog entry on the Tate yesterday…love her blog ‘One Fine Day’ which is off to the side and yeah, good luck on the whole stewardess thing…hope you get your heads in the cloud!!

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