Wednesday, July 19, 2006


(count the number of times I say that....and note the increasing frustration with the outside world)
"you are fab, im so glad we're friends" was the last text I got from M after I told her that I affectionately call people nutcase...

Okie, I give up universe, you win.

No, seriously...I do...I give up, fini, end, fin...I'm out.

But look, now I'm just pissed OFF. SO fine, gimme fuel gimme fire baby, 'coz I'm burnin' now!

I know exactly what I am supposed to do and fuck y'all, I'm doing it and I'm doing it all year...I want to make that change I have promised year after fucking year and fall through because I don't have that fucking fire under my ass to get me going...I wanna see A's face once I make that change and want to literally see her eyes pop out of that skull.


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