Saturday, July 15, 2006

Behold! The Only Thing Greater Than Thy Self

I read in "Roots" that when a baby is born, the father takes it out side and whispers its name in its ear because they believe that a person should be the first to know their name. Then he raises the child in the air and says "Behold! The Only thing greater than you". Now I know they meant God but I'd like to do that one day, tell my baby girl but mean that there is nothing greater than her, that she can be anything or anyone she wants to be and in choosing is the greatest power you can exercise in life.

Vocalizing this right now is my way of telling myself and as I see these words flow out, I am made aware of my own self and realize that I realize myself, I feel myself in this small room, that I know I have a yet unknown reason to me and to trust in good time, that reason will show itself.

Hehehehe, this reminds me of a scene from, I think, "Desperately Seeking Susan" (look, I was 14, it was on Star Plus or something and Madonna was walking around in a see through bra so fuck you, I was 14!!)
But yeah, hehehe, this remind me of a scene where one woman rolls into foetal position every morning, rolls over and splays her hands and legs out going "I am an egg full of potential, I am an egg full of potential"....hehehe
or was that "Devil Woman" with Roseann?
Nyenh....heheheh, still makes me laugh


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