Sunday, July 16, 2006

(carry over from the post before last)

Okay so I figured it out, I had set the washing machine to the drying cycle, not wash
WTF do I know! I mean I can tell you how a company will do within 48 hours but I can't read these stupid instruction manuals. I know they would make things easier but half the time ...okay most of the time I just ignore them.

I wonder if there is an instruction manual for women...this comes in to my head because as I was posting pictures to this blog, "What Women Want" was playing in the background. I wish I knew what women wanted...then based on that, I would approach women I liked...saves this whole rejection thing y'know?

The last girl didn't fall out of love with me but she felt I loved her less than she did me. Perhaps she was right. But still, it did hurt and still does.

And even if I knew what she wanted, giving it to her after knowing that would seem...fake
See I kinda imgine myself with a girl who lets me do what I want to show her that I love her...I mean even if its small things like cooking dinner before she gets home...and when she thanks me, me shrugging it off but secretly loving it.

I guess I am an aquarian...the ones who don't do public foofy stuff...

Anyway, I know I'm being weird when reading (or the lack thereof) the instruction manual for the washing machine makes me think about what women want...if there is someone out there who can honestly tell me what women want, then please even superficial stuff like he should be tall, dark & handsome....even the cliches but so long as its honest

But then again, you need to make sure you know what you want, right?


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