Monday, January 08, 2007

Oye! Zaphod Nu Chay!

I'm watching the Jeremy Piven show Discovery did on Bombay. Piven is Ari from Entourage and its rather incongruent with the program.
But 15 minutes into the program and I miss the city. I think I took to it like a fish to water.
I love the chawls interspersed with Victorian buildings, the faux Greek architecture of the Asiatic society, the old buildings that were once beautiful and still are, the long stretches of Victorian buildings, orange and streaked brown on Kalbadevi Road. I love the fact that you can take a turn and up on Dalal street, the BSE building with the NYesque ticker and huge TV.
Then there's Marine Drive with which I am so familiar, the on-ramp from the hotel that took me where I had to go.
It's a city that you accept, one that you don't try and change.
I love the fact that I can get lost in the market barely lamenting the Pink shirt I wear now imbuing the City.

Besides, I had the best guide to the city

Yes, I think I like the city...perhaps it will become the new City and a place I could probably call home?

Ae kya re? Bhai bhai.. huh?
tu bhai hai to hum bhi behin hai. samjha?
Abhi dhande ka time hai... mere ko jaane ka.
aata kya?.... kahandala.
nahi to jake thanda la . Ja.

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